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Selected codes of the financial year 2015/2016 facilitate a quick overview of the HARTING Technology Group. With a very good performance, the company posted the highest revenues in its history.

Sales in the 2015/2016 business year: Euro 586 million
4,286 employees (due date 2016-09-30)

Sales structure – Regions 2015/2016 business year

Total Sales: € 586 m (previous year € 567 m)

HARTING Data Facts Figures 2015-2016
Sales Europa

EMEA without GER (previous year 32.2 %); € 201 m (previous year € 183 m)

Sales Deutschland

Germany (previous year 34.2 %); € 195 m (previous year € 194 m)

Sales Asien

Asia (previous year 22.8 %); € 130 m (previous year € 129 m)

Sales Americas

Americas (previous year 10.8 %); € 60 m (previous year € 61 m)

The network of HARTING subsidiaries

  • The HARTING Vision: “We want to become a global company“
  • Consistent, ongoing internationalization since 1979, worldwide 53 sales- and production plants
  • 13 production locations in Germany, Netherlands, France Switzerland, Great Britain, Romania, Russia, USA, China, India and Mexico
  • The company is headquartered in Espelkamp, Germany
  • A globe-spanning network ensures closeness to markets and strong customer relations
  • Optimal solutions thanks to the networking and integration of all areas


Employees 2011
  • Nearly 4,300 employees worldwide
  • More than 700 engineers and scientists developing solutions
  • Professional training and further training plays a central role throughout the company
  • HARTING staff hold the necessary competencies: technical and professional competence, paired with interpersonal, intercultural and language skills

Research & development

Research & development
  • Primary aim: Increasing customer benefits
  • Future oriented solutions are the building blocks for growing market shares
  • We are an excellent company. See our awards.

The corporate aims of the HARTING Technology Group

We want to...

  • increase customer benefit by implementing technological change and progress
  • focus our business on growth markets
  • design and manage our processes efficiently and sustainably
  • act in accordance to “How we treat one another”
  • remain an independent family-owned company