Intelligent energy storage systems for private PV households

One of the major challenges of the energy transition is to integrate renewable energy into the grid without compromising the latter‘s stability. As a result, efficient and intelligent energy storage systems are of key importance.The TQ-Systems company, a leading electronics service provider and supplier of embedded modules and industrial PCs, has developed an energy management system that is used in lithium-ion storage systems for photovoltaic households. The system measures and controls the charging and discharging of batteries in line with the needs of the consumer. As a result, on sunny days any excess energy is not fed into the grid, but rather temporarily stored and made available as required. With regard to its electrical connection technology, TQ-Systems is firmly committed to the har-flex® series of SMT PCB connectors, as the energy management system needs to be compact, durable and highly reliable. This meant that the demands on the connector were clearly defined as well. With a grid of 1.27 mm and extremely compact footprint, har-flex® enables device design offering significant space savings. At the same time, no compromises are made in terms of ruggedness. The side-mounted SMT fixations (“hold-downs”) always guarantee a secure connection to the PCB. This relieves the signal contacts of mechanical stress and increases the reliability of the overall system. Thanks to the availability of all variants providing between 6 and 100 poles in even numbered positions, TQ-Systems can use the exact number of pins. In this way, the circuit board is used optimally down to the last millimeter.

Mezzanine connectors HARTING har-flex®