PushPull on the fast track

PushPull Signal exemplifies miniaturisation. Double the number of contacts in the wellknown connector format.

Squealing tyres. The smell of burnt rubber. The pit crew works quickly, focused, constantly battling against the stopwatch. In the Formula Student, things have to be fast. Here, every movement must be precise, every component reliable - which is why the team from the University of Osnabrück counts on the PushPull Signal from HARTING. It’s light, fast, modular and provides the electric racer’s cockpit with data and signals.

In Industrie 4.0, maintenance, daily adjustments and the new ability to combine machine modules are a reality. Here, speed is of the essence. HARTING’s PushPull Signal is light, fast, modular and is already being used in motor sports applications. The best conditions for Industrie 4.0.

It is precisely these features which make this connector an optimal connectivity technology for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Production is becoming ever more modular, and both components and machines will be recombined at ever shorter intervals in future. New products and processes are implemented for even small individual batches. Here, time plays a considerable role. The disconnection and recombination of new modular units must be fast, simple and reliable – as fast as a pit stop. If the racecar driver comes to a stop and components are changed, the process has to be fast. In robotics for example, these are sensor systems that need to be supplied with signals and power and switched out for different tasks. Here, PushPull Signal offers quick and easy one-hand handling. In addition, the high contact density of 20 poles packed into a minimal area permits the PushPull to save space and interfaces on the application. This is in line with the trend towards miniaturisation, and offers customers highly integrated devices.

With its 20-pole PushPull Signal connector, HARTING supports its customers on the way to optimised production that realises the ideals of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In brief

  • Light, fast, modular
  • Supplies end devices with up to 2A of power per contact
  • High contact density