M630 resistance decade box

SEK connectors in resistance decades

HARTING IDC connectors SEK

MEATEST spol. s.r.o. develops, manufactures and markets devices for measuring electrical parameters. Located in Brno, Czech Republic, the manufacturer's product range includes calibrators, meters and industrial automation technology. MEATEST has developed a novel programmable resistance box marketed under the M630 name. The M630 model is a precision resistance decade box for the 1 Ω - 1.2 MΩ range. The sophisticated instrument features an integrated recalibration function that corrects any deviation in resistance, thus eliminating mechanical readjustments.
MEATEST’s M630 decade boxes are used to check the measurements of ohmmeters, regulators and process displays that measure non-electrical parameters using external measuring resistors. Connectors from HARTING Technology Group are used inside the decade box for data transmission and the connection to the power supply board. Compared to previously used connectors, the new HARTING connectors improve transmission stability.

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