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Han-Yellock® - flexible connector interface

The quality of molded parts produced in the injection molding process is greatly determined by tooling temperature control. Precision is an essential factor in the manufacturing process, and depends on the reliable connection of components via flexible connector interfaces such as Han-Yellock®.

Molded parts production

injection-molding machine

Temperature control devices bring the connected appliance to the desired temperature via a convector fluid and keep it constant. Examples of devices are die-casting molds, plastic injection molds and rubber injection molds.

Temperature control is an important factor in injection molding, and can be used to control the look and exact dimensions of molded parts. Controlled heating of the tool improves flow characteristics and protects the plastic materials from thermal damage. The used interface is an extremely important part of the temperature control device and the injection-molding machine.

The Han-Yellock® interface

horizontal elastic band - injection molding machine

Optimized temperature control requires a combination of signal and bus technology, temperature sensors and power transfer. This makes it possible to control valves, heat up convector fluid and generate a range of temperatures. Han-Yellock® combines all of these different requirements in a modular housing.

Han-E® and Han® CC Protected Modules are used for power transfer. Ratings of 40 A and 830 V provide sufficient reserves for efficient convector fluid use. Temperatures are recorded by sensors with iron constantan wiring. This combination of materials must also be used inside the connector, which is easily possible with Han E® DIN IEC 584 type J pins. Using a Han DD® module ensures signal transfer between machine and temperature control device.

The individual modules can be assembled without the use of tools and inserted easily into an adapter frame, forming a modular insulator block.

Systems connection

Han-Yellock® product overview

The production of modern molded parts demands a perfect interplay between different individual machines. These systems are made to be modular and flexible because of the requirement for frequent tooling changes. This concept has been taken up in connection technology.

Modern connector systems such as

Han-Yellock® link similarly to modular machine components via individual modules, giving a wide range of electrical options. The aim is to reduce the overall number of interfaces down to a single connector. Fast release and connection for reconfiguring temperature control devices and protection against faulty connection reduces the potential for error when bringing machines on line, thus increasing process stability.