Theft-preventing and easy-to-operate security and sales systems for retailers

The MultiStore system features selection units for use in the check-out area and other critical strategic areas and a central dispensing unit just behind the check-out area.

The MultiStore system offers three benefits in one package: the units sport an attractive design, are easy to operate and provide optimum theft protection. Using the MultiStore system will dramatically reduce your inventory discrepancies. It goes without saying that the solution also ensures compliance with international efforts to increase youth protection. The illuminated front door addition can be used for individually designed target-group oriented advertising. Upon request, MultiStore systems with central storage- and dispensing units located past the check-out area can be integrated to the merchandise management system already in use. This results in maximum transparency and automated planning/ordering.


The server-based MultiStore system connects the individual components with the assistance of the DECT wireless technology. The selection panels can optionally placed throughout thanks to wireless connection and their simple, convenient installation. The placement of one or multiple dispensing units just past the check-out area minimizes the inventory volume and the machine restocking expenditures.

Product Selection

The touch monitor and printer, on the other hand are integrated into a practical housing for shelf placement. Alternatively, the assembly can be placed on the optionally available stand. A single 230 V power connection is all that is needed to connect either keyboard or touch screen.

Technical details: MultiStore Vending Machine 

  • approx. 2.000 packs
  • up to 88 Brands
  • Compatible with existing MultiStore system