Shelving Systems


The HARTING shelving system adds the finishing touch to the impulse items presentation in the checkout zone.

Shelving Systems SMOKYTHEK UT

Shoppers will find the extensive selection of candies, razor blades, batteries and other small items in the familiar location in the checkout zone. The HARTING SMOKYTHEK UT shelving system adds the finishing touch to the impulse items presentation in this zone. The shelving system is mounted as an extension to the proven SMOKYTHEK UT vending system at the checkout conveyor. With a height of 1.30 m, 1.40 m and 1.50 m the system is the optimal implementation of the market requirements placed on tomorrow's checkout zone.

The SMOKYTHEK UT shelving system is more than just the optimal way to present your goods in the checkout zone. It is also the perfect supplement to our SMOKYTHEK UT vending system. Because our shelving system offers a large range of variability, you are not tied to the store structural dimensions of 62.5 cm. Instead, you can choose whether you want to use shelves or frames that are 30 cm, 60 cm or 83 cm wide. And of course you can even combine various frames or shelf sizes.


Shelving frames

We have designed our frames with adjustable feet that allow you to position the shelving at various locations in the checkout zone. And the modular construction gives you the freedom to combine individual frames to meet your needs.


End shelving

As an alternative to the permanently installed end cap display, we offer you our end shelving. This is the ideal finishing touch to our shelving system, and suitable for positioning as needed in the checkout zone. This option also offers diverse shelf depths, so that your goods are shown off to their best advantage.