3D-MID systems in medical technology

3D-MID innovations support trend-setting developments in the areas of diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation.

The HARTING 3D-MID technology allows systems that are smaller and lighter, and consequently is especially often used in hearing aids, implants and surgical and dental instruments.


Microphone carrier for a hearing aid

Hearing aids combine complex technologies such as microphones and control electronics in a highly compact space.

HARTING has implemented a microphone carrier in 3D-MID construction that exactly aligns the hearing aid's microphone. while integrating the electrical contacting at the same time.

Ring switch for diagnosing caries

Modern laser technology applications distinguish healthy dental substance from unhealthy areas without exposing patients to radiation.

By implementing a 3D-MID ring switch, HARTING was able to significantly improve the instrument's ergonomics and weight, while reducing assembly efforts and input in the process.

Optics carrier and heating element for the diagnosis of caries

By irradiating the teeth with high energy light, areas affected by caries are demarcated by weaker fluorescent  luminosity and can consequently be distinguished from healthy tooth substance by colour.

HARTING has implemented an optics carrier and a heating element in MID technology. MID permits miniaturization with higher integration density. This results in reduction in weight and the number of assembly steps, as well as lower costs.

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