3D-MID solutions in automobiles

Assistance systems, safety features and infotainment – more and more electronic components and systems are part and parcel of today’s automobiles. Thanks to HARTING 3D-MID technology, complex electronics with compact dimensions can be integrated into vehicles.

Drawing on our many years of automotive experience, we are conversant with the sector’s demands, and we are naturally certified to ISO/TS 16949. In close cooperation with our customers, we have conducted successful projects in which we perform the series manufacturing.


Position sensor for adaptive speed control

Adaptive Cruise Control systems (ACC) automatically regulate the safe distance to vehicles ahead using a sensor in the front area.

Thanks to an MID solution from HARTING Mitronics the size of the ACC system was reduced, while greater precision was achieved at the same time.

Light sensor regulating air conditioning systems

Modern air conditioning systems regulate the interior temperature depending on various ambient factors such as sunlight.

In order to increase the measurement accuracy, HARTING Mitronics developed a space-saving base carrier that allows the precise 3D arrangement of the optic sensors.

Lighting module for vehicle passenger compartment

Today’s vehicle lighting systems integrate classic interior lighting and the reading light in one single module.

Thanks to the HARTING MID component it was possible to develop a light module with compatible interface resulting cost savings of 35 % over the previous solution – in addition to a significantly smaller installation height and fewer parts.  

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