3D-MID technology for industrial applications

Today, information security and data protection, along with production flow monitoring, play a crucial role.

HARTING 3D-MID technologies meet the sector's strict requirements thanks to the design of fine meandering conductor paths and the precise positioning of sensor elements.


RFID Transponder

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are finding increasing use in industrial processes to control the flow of goods. 3D-MID technology produces miniaturized tags with large read ranges – also under extreme environmental conditions.

This allows the antenna structure to be flexibly adapted to the environment and the RFID chip that is employed.

Security caps for payment terminals

Cashless payment transactions must satisfy strict security requirements, particularly during the critical step of reading the credit card information.

The 3D-MID caps from HARTING Mitronics protect the electronics from unauthorized access both mechanically and electronically. A highly precise meandering structure detects every access, no matter how small, and consequently prevents theft.

Lighting module for a security system

Sensor-supported camera systems are deployed for the fully automatic monitoring of permanently defined areas such as access openings on machines.

The 3D-MID module aligns the individual LEDs precisely in order to guarantee full illumination of the area to be secured. The connection between the LED and the main board is already integrated into the MID solution, which results in a major reduction of assembly effort.

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