HARTING is invited to Etisalat

Experience Future Urbanism - this is the motto of this year's GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK from 14 to 18 October 2018 in Dubai.

For 38 YEARS, the most renowned names in technology have come alive at GITEX Technology Week. Best prerequisites for Etisalat to present the latest solutions for IoT and Network Infrastructure & Security.

The HARTING MICA is a modular platform of open hardware and software which can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted to many industrial applications. The MICA has a scalable and flexible architecture which allows the computing modules to be connected to one another in different ways. With the Rinspeed Oasis, the driver can customise the plug-in modules and system configuration to the task in hand. But we have not only the MICA, but also our innovative solutions on e-mobility.

Our expert:

  • Dominik Nimmesgern, Managing Director HARTING Middle East FZ-LLC, are looking forward to seeing you at the GITEX!
GITEX 2018 - Experience Future Urbanism


HARTING's MICA (Modular Industry Computing Architecture) provides a quick and easy solution for implementing digitisation projects directly at facilities and machines. The modular industry-standard mini-computer is a solution to a multitude of application challenges – thanks to its modular hardware and flexible open source Linux-based software. All in a robust enclosure specifically designed for industrial environments.

MICA in the Rinspeed Etos

With its modular open platform, the HARTING IIC MICA can be customised with custom hardware, software and interfaces – to suit your individual requirements for Integrated Industry. This pioneering concept enables you to transform creative ideas into innova­tive solutions and to digitise processes. HARTING will gladly support you during this digital transformation with our expert support or complete turn­key solutions for your business.


HARTING connects E-Mobility and the use of renewable energy.

By using renewable energy, E-Mobility delivers maximum potential in saving CO2 and fine dust emissions. Reliability is the number one requirement for the production, distribution and use of energy.

HARTING provides robust, reliable and user friendly solutions for the entire Well to Wheel supply chain.

From our triad of Installation Technology, Device Connectivity and Smart Network Infrastructure, HARTING provides suitable products for power, signal and data transmission. Our industrial connectors, Ethernet switches and charging plugs and sockets are numerously deployed in applications of energy production, in distribution networks and the charging interface for electric vehicles.

Charging Plugs

Charging Cables