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Shaping the connectivity of the future for Energy Storage and Data Centre

Shaping the connectivity of the future for Energy Storage and Data Centre 

The worldwide data centre & energy storage market is experiencing explosive growth year over year. The amount of energy needed to support energy is consistently increasing and comprises a significant share of the worldwide electricity demand.

In parallel, decarbonisation and the future of energy are topics on everyone’s mind. Therefore, it's essential we increase the energy efficiency of our current consumption.


In this web-seminar, you will discover:

  • How connectivity for data centres speeds up scaling and deployment
  • How connector selection can improve energy efficiency by up to 50%
  • How to enable additional time savings due to complete cable solutions for the whole power grid
  • Ensure error-free connections for battery modules
  • Improve the safety of the installation
  • Save time during service and maintenance

Q&A sessions are included after each session.

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Data Center

Han-Eco® Low contact resistance helps save energy
Plug & Play connectors from HARTING reduce the energy consumption of IT equipment. The Han-Eco® connector, for example, minimises voltage losses at data centre units by up to 50 %, which is made possible by using particularly low-impedance contacts.


Solutions for power distribution units (PDUs)
HARTING offers plug-in, pre-assembled cabling solutions for distributing power in data centers such as, from UPSs or distribution cabinets to rack power distribution units (rPDU) and power shelves . These solutions optimise the data centre's energy supply by significantly reducing installation time compared to fixed wiring, while simultaneously increasing profitability.


Han-Modular® Docking frame
Heavy-duty connectors can contribute to the efficient establishment of power plants as well as of energy storage or electric power transmission systems. Among the advantages of connectors are quick exchange options in service cases, e.g. for measuring equipment. 

In addition, pretested cable assemblies can provide for a faster installation. In addition, smart inside-cabinet interfaces connecting switchgears to cabinets, or cabinets to cabinets increase efficiency.

Energy Storage

Han® S - Secure plug-in connections for modular battery storage
The energy storage market has developed extremely quickly over the last few years. Global discussions around environmental footprints have certainly given overall developments an additional boost. Sustainable use of renewable energies can only be achieved through energy storage systems, as they enable time-delayed, demand-oriented use of the power produced by renewable energy. Connectors speed up the mounting of energy storage systems based on battery units.


Cable assembly
Pre-assembled connection cables speed up the construction of energy storage systems based on battery modules. HARTING's Han® S series provides safe connection technology for modular battery storage systems.

The Han® S is a connector solution for front mounting energy storage modules. For such cases, the connectors can be delivered pre-assembled with the cables, depending on customer specifications.

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Web-seminar selected FAQ

What are the general benefits of the HARTING Docking Frame?

With the docking frame you have the ability to combine Power, Data & Signal all in the one connector. It is available in plastic & metal in various sizes from 2 modules to 6 modules. The main benefit is its blind mating capability, one side is fixed and the other side if floating. This allows for guaranteed blind mating for applications such as drawer, rear rack connections, backplane.

What are the major differences between Han-Eco and the conventional Han Modular series?

No hinged frames are required which allows one extra module in the same footprint size. For example, the Han-Eco 6B can accommodate 3 modules while the same size of the traditional Han-Modular 6B you can accommodate 2 Modules. The material is a hardened polymer which still gives you a high degree of protection from shock & vibration, its IP65, UV resistant, It is lighter in weight and is a more cost effective solution.

In the Data Centre world I have heard the term WHIP Cables for PDC (Power Distribution Cabinet). What are these?

It’s a prefabricated power distribution Male cable assembly used to feed the racks within the datacenter space. The main function of PDC WHIP is to establish a safe and reliable power connection between the PDC and in row data racks. The PDC WHIP is mated with matching female industrial modular quick connector installed at the top of PDCs.

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