War in Ukraine: HARTING helps and acts

“We are deeply saddened by the situation and the great suffering that is being inflicted on people. Our thoughts are with them and in particular with our employees and their families”, as Philip Harting, CEO of the HARTING Technology Group stated. "Our employees around the world help through donations. We all want to help alleviate people's suffering."

Consequently, the company, its managing partners and employees worldwide are supporting the humanitarian aid projects of the international Red Cross for the needy people in Ukraine as well as for refugees in the receiving countries.

In line with the sanctions the EU has imposed on Russia the company has terminated new business with Russia.

"As a matter of course, we are complying with applicable legislation as well as the applicable export control regulations and the applicable sanction laws,” as the company stated. The effects of the sanctions are being examined on a daily basis with all due care. Consequently, as a precautionary measure, the company has also blacklisted products and customers whose civil application and business purpose cannot be confirmed without ambiguity.