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"Perseverance and determination are two characteristics that ensure success in any business."*

*Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy, 1828 – 1910

We prioritize long-term corporate success over short-term flights of fancy.  

It's not about short-term growth or profit, but about creating a solid foundation for the company through the development of sales and earnings in order to succeed long-term on the global marketplace. (...) To us, flexibility and changes are an opportunity to make us stronger for the future. This also includes finding new ways to collaborate between small and large companies. We call it "The HARTING Way".

Dr.-Ing. Kurt D. Bettenhausen
Member of the Board, "New Technologies & Development", HARTING Technology Group

Plenty of brainpower and competent companions give us the tailwind we need on our journey: 

Collaboration is the key to success – Connectivity+

Connectivity+ is our strategy to implement our vision "We want to shape the future with technologies for people" concretely with products and applications. Rapid technological advances, digitalization and the demands of customers and partners have made a rethink necessary: In addition to new technologies, human and environmental factors as well as the major global issues are coming more into focus. How do we deal with all this? By thinking and acting innovatively. To take advantage of co-creation, we get customers and partners on board as early as possible. We reflect and exchange ideas, because we can only develop the best innovations for the future when we work together.

Connectivity+ is our answer to the requirements set by the technologies of the future.

HARTING Quality and Technology Centre (HQT)

Our HARTING Quality and Technology Centre (HQT) is designed to be energy-sustainable. The architectural concept, which is based on the open campus structure, invites an open exchange of ideas. Thus, it offers the perfect environment for ensuring the long-term quality and success of the Technology Group. Because quality and technology are the essential drivers for innovation and growth. 

The HARTING Quality and Technology Centre (HQT) in Espelkamp, Germany

SPE network

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is the infrastructure foundation that makes IIoT and Industry 4.0 possible. As the IIoT market grows rapidly, we have partnered with other technology leaders to rapidly advance this technology. The SPE Industrial Partner Network provides the first point of contact for users for setting up SPE networks and devices. This partnership makes clear recommendations for developing future IIoT applications, operates a central information platform, and provides investment security for users so they can rely on this technology in the future.

Since May 2022, the SPE network, which includes over 50 international companies from the industry, is a complete ecosystem of suppliers for infrastructure, Ethernet chips, magnetics, industrial devices and testing equipment.


Together with our partners from the SmartFactory network, we have dedicated ourselves to Industry 4.0 topics and the factory of the future. Our goal, as a partnership of equals, is to advance and implement R&D projects together. The network has its own smart factory to ensure the most realistic environment possible is available. 

HARTING right in the center: As one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial connection technology, we are contributing key components to the SmartFactoryKL production facility.

Cooperating with universities (MIT commitment)

We are part of the Microsystems Technology Laboratory (MTL) and the Microsystems Industrial Group (MIG) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MTL's research areas are very broad and are helping to shape many of the next generation of Industry 4.0 technologies. As a member, we promote research and work with students and lecturers on topics relevant to Industry 4.0. For HARTING, this is an important exchange which helps us to achieve our Connectivity+ goals. 

Our involvement in the Industrial Liaison Program supports our mission to deliver measurable value to our partners around the world.

Shanghai University

Our cooperative programme with Tongji University in Shanghai started in 2014. This cooperation includes several scholarships for the best students each year. An innovation competition is held every two years. The students' projects are evaluated by an independent jury. Since 2019, the cooperative programme has had a HARTING laboratory in which products from the transport industry are used.

Bo Chen, Managing Director of HARTING Greater China and Dr. Chu, Professor at Tongji University, at the opening of the joint HARTING laboratory.

He who stops being better stops being good.* 

*Oliver Cromwell, 1599 – 1658

We consider our technologies over the entire life cycle of the product. To ensure that our products remain sustainable, we pay attention, right from the start, to user-friendliness, critical raw materials and their recycled content. We continuously optimize our manufacturing process. Optimized shipping, packaging and recycling also helps to reduce environmental damage. Here are a few concrete examples of how we deal with environmental protection in relation to our products. 

Product life cycle – Click "i" for more info

Design / development


Starting at the development phase, we took care to design our Han Eco® in an energy-saving manner. Due to the optimized contact resistance, we are able to save almost 50 % of the energy consumed during data transmission. 


HARTING Electric, Germany 

Supply chain

European Distribution Center

We analyse our internal processes. In addition to saving time, we save up to 240 tonnes of CO₂ each year by producing our cable drums directly at our Espelkamp site. The cutting process previously took place in a foreign subsidiary factory. 


HARTNG Customised Solutions, Germany | HARTING Sibiu, Romania 

Manufacturing process

Tool with contour-hugging cooling ducts

Innovative shaped designs in die-cast aluminium and zinc, as well as optimized cooling at the contour improve the energy balance.   


HARTING Applied Technologies, Germany 


85 % of the recycled foil can be reused

We package using recycled foil, which consists of 85% recycled material. In this way, we reduce CO₂ usage by 75.5 %, we reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by 86.6 % and we reduce our potential ozone creation by 77.2 %. 


HARTING Electric | HARTING Logistics, Germany

At the customer


In regular web-seminars, we inform our customers about our products and discuss current topics. Thus, we are able to shed light on all aspects that influence the industries and our society. These aspects include simplified applications, environmental protection, and future energy concepts.


HARTING Technology Group, worldwide

The right hand for environmental protection 

We are like Robin for Batman, Dr. Watson for Sherlock Holmes or the right hand for environmental protection. Our technologies are at home in many forward-looking markets. Whether in wind energy, rail transport or electro-mobility, our products enable sustainability and environmental protection and, thus, contribute to a clean future. 

Energy storage systems: Energy when you really need it – with the Han® S

Our Han® S was specifically developed for sustainable energy storage systems. It can be used to interconnect battery modules (BMs) to easily expand the total capacity of ESSs, which are designed on a modular basis to provide various important services. These include renewable energy integration, demand shifting and peak load reduction. By reducing peaks, it's possible to save up to 80 % on electricity expenditures.  

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Wind energy: Wind power switches to Ethernet

Our fibre optic transmission system serves as a matrix for Ethernet communications in modern wind turbines. We supply the complete cabling, including the rotary joint transmission. The advantage: Higher data transmission rates enable better control of the system. In addition, our Plug & Play interface ensures less downtime. Lengthy set-up times can be eliminated. System usage is optimized. That's also good for the environment!

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Smart farming: Smart, smarter, AEF high voltage connector

Our AEF high voltage connector supports smart farming. The standardized connection transmits high power of 150 kW from the tractor to the implement. The electric operating mode results in improved energy efficiency compared to mechanical or hydraulic alternatives, enabling up to 20 % less diesel consumption. 

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E-Mobility: A charging cable for everything

A well-developed charging infrastructure with a dense network of charging stations is required for the transition to E-Mobility to be successful. That is why, in addition to vehicle charging cables, we also produce charging cables for charging stations and even charging sockets. We cover all common standards and can produce in Europe, China and the USA.  

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