Philip Harting „Manager of the Year 2017“

Readers of trade journal "Markt&Technik" have once again chosen Philip Harting as "Manager of the Year 2017." This time, the Chairman of the Board of HARTING Technology Group took top honours in the "Connection Technology" category. Two years ago, Harting was elected "Manager of the Year 2017" in the "Electromechanical" category.

Some 7,000 readers of "Markt&Technik" used the internet to rank managers in the electronics industry for their 2017 performance. Voting took place for nine categories: Automation/Image Processing, Embedded Systems, EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services), Semiconductor, Industry 4.0, Lifetime Achievement, Start-ups, Power Supply and Connection Technology. Key criteria were market and corporate success as well as the introduction of innovative products and solutions.

Philip Harting has been chosen “Manager of the Year 2017” by the readers of trade magazine “Markt&Technik“ (Market&Technology) in the category of connection technology.

"I am delighted to receive this award for the second time. The award makes it clear that specialist readers of "Markt&Technik" closely monitor our global business success as well as our innovative products and solutions," says Philip Harting.