Han® S 120: Flexible battery storage connectors for pinpoint precision green power feed-in

Han® S is the name of the front mounting solution from HARTING for transmitting high currents in energy storage systems. The connectors are used for the series or parallel connection of battery storage modules or connect storage and management module. The developers emphasized high performance, flexible connections and user safety. In addition to the Han® S 200 (current carrying capacity: 200 A), there is now the little brother Han® S 120.

The sustainable use of renewable energies cannot be achieved without storage power facilities and/or storage media given the volatile electricity generation from the sun, wind and water. Large battery storage systems enable the decoupling of the generation and consumption of green electricity. The more electricity from renewable energies that can be fed into the grid at different times and in line with demand, the less gas will have to be converted into electricity to meet actual demand.

Han® S connectors are designed for the rapid replacement and smooth handling of the storage units. With the option of front mounting, touch safety and 360-degree rotatability, they offer a safe and flexible alternative to cable lugs. They provide users with additional safety, security and simplicity in the installation and operation of the systems.

Safety features:

  • Contact safe contacts
  • Bracket locks enable constant control of the locking status
  • Option "Unlocking Protected" bracket available (unlocking only possible with the help of a tool) => no false openings, no accidental touching!
  • Tested vibration resistance: Screw connection and cover do not loosen by themselves
  • Different colours (red, black, blue...) provide further safety-relevant features
  • Coloured and mechanical coding prevent errors in polarity

Advantages for installation:

  • The angled grommet housings can be rotated 360° over the connection point (including cable) so that the connections for plus and minus can be placed at almost any front position = freedom in design and constructive freedom
  • Great flexibility thanks to various mounting options: Surface-mounted (screw bolt or busbar connection) and screw-in housing
  • Han® S screw-in housings allow assembly and disassembly of the interface without the need to slide the module out of the storage cabinet
  • Complete pre-assembly for deployment in the field possible

Building block for electricity independence

With these strengths, Han® S embodies Connectivity+ pure and simple: a solution that accelerates the aggregation of battery storage modules into larger units while simplifying maintenance & service during operation. With the help of the connectors, storage modules can be replaced and the systems completed again more quickly. This is important due to the fact that storage modules charged with renewable electricity reduce dependence on fossil sources.

Many other potential applications

The application potentials of the Han® S are not limited to renewable energy systems. Wherever flexible, quick-to-install single-pole cable-connector assemblies up to 200 A/1500 V are required, the solution enters the picture. Scaling depends largely on the question of how quickly how much energy must be made available. Typically, power and services required in operation scenarios will rise, and HARTING is able to offer powerful solutions here. Han® S strengthens the modularity concept in actual applications and enables the construction of customised energy storage systems, while reducing assembly costs at the same time.

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