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HARTING at InnoTrans 2022

As part of a press breakfast, HARTING’s Managing Directors, Norbert Gemmeke, Ralf Klein and Christian Schumacher, addressed the priorities of weight reduction, decarbonisation, digitisation and ease of installation, and presented new developments in each area...

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Han® HPR Compact

With the Han® HPR Compact housing for interfaces in harsh environments (IP68/69), users can save 20 percent of the installation space by comparison with traditional solutions.
Han® HPR is a standard for connectors in need of special protection from the elements such as encountered on rail vehicles. HARTING has developed the Han® HPR Compact to make this series suitable also for applications in tight spaces. By comparison with traditional products, this solution offers a space saving of 20% – and is 25% lighter. One special feature: With the aid of extenders, they can grow in line with their roles, thereby offering greater flexibility within a smaller space...

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Han-Modular® Domino Modules

Application example: HPR housing with Domino modules and hybrid components

With its Han-Modular® Domino modules, HARTING is taking modular connectors to the next level. The Domino system reduces the total number of interfaces required. The reason is that the connection technology is smaller and lighter – compared with interfaces with Han-Modular®. More module elements can fit into one connector than previously possible. For example, four different modular interfaces can now fit into a standard 6 B housing instead of the previous two.

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Han® HPR Single Poles

25 coding options ensure that the Han® HPR Single Poles can always be safely connected.

With its Han® HPR VarioShell, HARTING has developed a particularly flexible solution for jumper cable connections in rail vehicles. The housing forms an open system that can accommodate power connectors as well as other media. As the perfect complement, HARTING is launching the Han® HPR Single Poles which can transmit power up to 650 A / 4 kV AC/DC with its proven HC contacts.

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