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HARTING ix Industrial® Ethernet interface

Small size, outstanding robustness: The HARTING ix Industrial® is our answer to the future challenges posed by Industry 4.0 and IoT.

ix Industrial®

With the Captain ix, we've created a small giant with a clear mission: to revolutionise the world of industrial Ethernet and move away from old connections! This mission has been accomplished – the ix Industrial is now a well-known miniature alternative to the RJ45. So it’s not just another connector, but rather an industry standard in compliance with IEC 61076-3-124 and a reliable interface for device manufacturers. Congratulations for becoming the standard! 

Until now, the epitome for an Ethernet interface in an IP20 environment has been the RJ45 connector. This connector is the most widely used in the world and, thus, loved by its users. However, many users tend to have a love-hate relationship with the RJ45 because of its weak latching levers and occasional contact difficulties. As devices (including flat mobile devices, displays, smaller automation devices, cameras and sensors) become smaller, the size of the RJ45 limits the miniaturisation potential. Thus, a smaller and stronger connector is on the wish list of many users and developers. They are also looking for Cat. 6a performance for 1/10 Gbit/s Ethernet at the control level.

HARTING's ix Industrial® is an integrated system that meets all these requirements.


We won!

We are the proud winner of the BEST OF INDUSTRY AWARDS 2018 and winner in the automation category! 

We would like to thank all participants in the vote for their trust and active participation. You've shown us that we are on the right track with the development of our new miniaturised ix Industrial interface.

Award ceremony for the Best of Industry Awards 2018

To meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 and IoT – a small giant and our superhero: Captain ix. Captain ix represents the HARTING ix Industrial® Ethernet interface.

Standardised according to IEC 61076-3-124, this newly designed Ethernet interface sets a new standard for its robustness. Thus, the HARTING ix Industrial® has the potential to replace the RJ45 connections used today as the new robust, miniaturised Ethernet interface.

Really big miniaturisation – an overview of the advantages:

Thinking about tomorrow today

The ix Industrial® mating face, with its Cat. 6A performance, is ensured for the future to work with 1/10 Gb/s Ethernet. The high current-carrying capacity enables it to handle current and future PoE applications. This interface combines both data transmission and power supply, thus further reducing the installation space required for the connection technology in your applications.

Standardised interface – not an isolated solution

Together with our technology partner Hirose, HARTING has designed a small giant and standardised the ix Industrial® mating face according to IEC 61076-3-124. This standardisation provides users with a secure investment and, thanks to a broad technological base, the right solution for future IoT applications.

Small yet very robust for tough industrial applications

The active locking mechanism between the female and male connectors uses two stable latching hooks made of metal. This gives you clear haptic feedback that the connection has been safely established. A robust crimp connection is used to connect the cable sheath and the plug connection. This creates a perfectly robust interface that complies with the high shock and vibration resistance of the EN 50155 railway specifications. A long service life with 5,000 mating cycles is guaranteed.

70% less space for the termination technique

The 70% less installation space used by the ix Industrial® interface, in comparison to typical RJ45 sockets, enables significant shrinking for all types of devices.

A robust connection between PCB and socket

With this little giant, HARTING guarantees reliability for your devices in the field. This is made possible by five robust THR shield contacts that securely and permanently fix the socket to the PCB and thus prevent damage to the PCB track from high forces on the sockets.

High EMC immunity

Your data transfers are secure, even for EMC critical applications. The continuous 360° design of the shielding on the ix Industrial® guarantees outstanding EMC immunity to interference.

Mini PushPull ix Industrial®

Robust for harsh environments

With the new Mini PushPull series, HARTING is now providing the ix Industrial® Ethernet interface for 10 Gbit Ethernet with Cat. 6A performance in a waterproof and dustproof version. Standardised according to IEC/PAS 61076-3-124, the ix Industrial® mating face in the Mini PushPull delivers absolutely reliable transmission performance and optional power supply via PoE/PoE+. With a 30 % shorter housing compared to the proven HARTING PushPull RJ45, users benefit from a miniaturised data interface for demanding applications. PushPull is the preferential device connection technology when it comes to outstanding rerobustness in combination with simple and process-safe operation in waterproof and dustproof design to IP 65 / IP 67.

Compact, robust sockets are available for device integration on the PCB, providing maximum stability with five THR shield contacts. The sockets are available in three different versions:

  1. angled socket
  2. angled vertical socket
  3. vertical socket

All sockets are optionally available in the A and B codings for Ethernet and signals. The data contacts are designed as SMD contacts. This allows device manufacturers to process the PCB sockets according to the normal reflow soldering process. The Mini PushPull bulkhead mounted housing, which fits all matching sockets, is mounted in front of a rectangular panel cut out during the device installation. It connects the PCB sockets with IP 65 / IP 67 protection to the outside world.


The product portfolio includes PushPull panel feed throughs in A and B coding for integration in control cabinets and terminal boxes. These can be mounted quickly and easily in front of a rectangular panel cut out. They also meet protection class IP 65 / IP 67 thanks to the integrated seal. Matching protective caps seal the unused connectors and device interfaces securely.

Convenient handling

Securely-contacted plug connections are the prerequisite for stable network systems.

In order to ensure proper connections under challenging conditions, the PushPull connectors are straight forward and easy to use. Secure locking is signalled by an audible click, and the connection is released by simply pulling on the ergonomically optimised housing. In order to prevent unintentional disconnection, the removal of the connector can be blocked by way of a security ring.

PushPull connectors are the ideal device connection technology for all industrial electronics devices, in protection classes IP 65 / IP 67, including sensors, controllers and industrial computers.

Resistant to shock and vibration

The locking system ensures a very reliable connection, even when exposed to shock and vibration.

Versatile concept

The versatile Mini PushPull housing enables it to be easily expanded using other miniaturised data interfaces such as the T1/SPE, Mini Displayport.

Waterproof and dustproof

The Mini PushPull is designed for IP 65/67 environments (waterproof and dustproof).

30% shorter

30% shorter compared to the current RJ45 PushPull variant 4 connectors.

Cat. 6A

Cat. 6A data transmission for 1/10 Gbit/s with Mini PushPull ix Industrial.

Locking with acoustic feedback

All PushPull connectors emit a clear audible signal when the connection is securely established. The integrated security clip, which can be locked to protect against unintentional pulling and loosening of the plug, ensures even more safety.

High packing density

Efficient device miniaturisation is supported by the high packing density on the device. This also increases the number of connections (25 x 18 mm grid).

Saves time during assembly

Quicker installation: with HARTING logo and yellow triangle and symbols to represent the PushPull mechanism so that it is easier to recognise the mating direction.

Industrial Ethernet

You can read the flyer and technical article about the ix Industrial® here.

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