33 percent more content – saving on investments: Ideal solution for the railway industry

Flexible, robust, secure – this is the best brief description of the Han® HPR series. Our new products significantly increase the flexibility of the Han® HPR series, for the demanding railway industry.

Han® HPR series

New mounting frames for Han® 24HPR EasyCon and Han® HPR enlarged housings permit the use of the proven Han-Modular® inserts, making the entire Han-Modular® universe available to our customer with more than 50 high-current, signal and network modules, as well as countless combination Options.

In addition, packing density is increased by a full 33 percent since these frames mean that 8 Han-Modular® single modules (instead of the previous maximum of 6) can be added.

The choice of housing will depend on the application. The Han® HPR enlarged housing is distinguished by its impressive compactness. For applications calling for ease of assembly with a two-part housing and abundant cable space, the Han® 24 HPR EasyCon housing is top choice. This housing also offers the capability to add additional elements for strain relief or cable shield connection, in consultation with the customer.

New Han® HC Modular 350 earthing contacts can be used to save on investments and provide ease of assembly. In addition to the axial screw termination technique, crimp and screw termination techniques are also available. Customers can henceforth connect the PE contact with the same termination technique used for other contacts.