InnoTrans 2016: M12 PushPull – new variety with a click

Data forwarding on trains is growing steadily, especially in entertainment systems. HARTING will be presenting an enhanced new line-up of the M12 for robust Ethernet cabling on-board trains at the next InnoTrans trade fair this September 20-23, 2016 (Hall 12, Stand 203) in Berlin.

HARTING will show the M12 PushPull at the InnoTrans in Berlin.

The M12 was formerly traditionally a connector with screw locking. HARTING’s PushPull locking mechanism opened up completely new perspectives for the M12. Proper connection no longer requires the use of tools, nor is there any need to observe tightening torques to ensure proper Connection.

A clearly audible CLICK signals that a proper and secure connection has been made. The space requirement is reduced considerably as well, since the connector no longer needs to be screwed in, but merely attached - with the result that the working space for connecting tools is completely eliminated.

Previously, the space-saving system in the SlimDesign was only available in one housing shape and three encodings. Now, just in time for the upcoming InnoTrans trade fair this September 20-23 in Berlin, HARTING Technology Group is offering the railway market the M12 PushPull in new housing shapes and Encodings.

Signals, lower-voltage power supply and Ethernet up to 10G can now be routed safely through A-D or X-coding in male or female variants on board trains. These make the ever-growing offering of entertainment systems for passenger transport possible by employing cutting-edge data transfer rates and the matching infrastructure, i.e. cables and connectors.

Space on board trains and rail cars is a rather scarce commodity. Consequently, everything needs to be smaller and space-saving. The new angled design makes it possible to produce smaller housings for switches and other connections. Angling the cable exits means these e.g. require less space adjacent to the housing door, which can move closer to the switch or switches. HARTING thereby meets the needs of miniaturization and works hand-in-hand with switch and cabinet manufacturers. The housing connections of the M12 PushPull are designed to be backwards-compatible and can accommodate both the well-known screw locking as well as the new PushPull system. This permits new switches in rail cars to be retrofitted while allowing continued use of existing cabling. This in turn provides maximum flexibility for our customers.