HARTING Technology Group investing in establishing global headquarters in Switzerland: Strategic milestone as global player for connectivity solutions

The HARTING Technology Group, a leading global provider of industrial connectivity, announced today that it is bundling supra-regional top management positions in Switzerland, which will further advance global steering and management. With this step, the HARTING Technology Group is evolving into a future-proof global player for connectivity solutions.

Philip Harting, CEO of the HARTING Technology Group is delighted with this development and commented as follows: "The establishment of global headquarters in Switzerland marks a further step for HARTING in our strategic development and internationalisation, with the aim of being positioned as globally competitive and regionally powerful. In this way, we are also meeting the global framework conditions and the requirements of our customers."

HARTING has been operating in Switzerland for over 40 years. The company maintains a production site there and is already managing its global Innovation Hubs from Switzerland, among other things. "Together with Studer Cables AG (Däniken/Switzerland), which the Harting family acquired two years ago, we want to drive the development of connector and cable solutions forward and create added value for our customers," as Philip Harting, CEO of the HARTING Technology Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Studer Cables AG, underlined. Planning for global headquarters in Switzerland is still at an early stage.

Philip Harting is convinced that the establishment of headquarters in Switzerland will have a positive impact on the company with its approximately 6,000 employees worldwide, and that the Technology Group will continue to chart a successful course. The move is intended to secure jobs and investments in Germany, Switzerland and worldwide over the long term.

At the same time, Germany, Espelkamp and the surrounding area remain a central anchor point for the Harting family. The headquarters of HARTING Stiftung & Co. KG will remain in Espelkamp. The numerous ongoing projects and initiatives in the region will be continued.

As Philip Harting emphasises: "I am convinced that with the establishment of headquarters in Switzerland and the concurrent investments in the global establishment and expansion of our company's production, sales and development sites in the regions worldwide, we are positioning the HARTING Technology Group in a future-proof manner as a global player for connectivity solutions."

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Detlef Sieverdingbeck
General Manager Corporate Communication & Branding