Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet Switches support high-performance imaging processes

HARTING has developed a new Ethernet Switch that enables individually tailored plug & play network solutions for data-intensive applications.

Imaging processes have become ever more important in all industry segments. From quality inspection within a production facility to road traffic identification – image processing supports the frictionless progress of daily businesses. While the quality of images is increasing since years, the capability of network devices for industrial environments has grown rather slowly. High-performance imaging processes require an appropriate data transfer within the networks involved. The new HARTING Ha-VIS eCon unmanaged 16 Port Gigabit Switch offers the necessary performance to cover the demands of processing several high-quality images and streams in parallel throughout the network.

HARTING Switch Ha-VIS eCon 3160GX-A-A with powerful CPU as special feature.

Due to their volatile nature, live imaging or streaming processes are performed without network reliability mechanisms. The reason is that images and data streams must be transferred to the receiver in time, or the transfer makes no sense at all. To secure the correct delivery of huge data streams, the Ha-VIS eCon 3160GX-A-A switch supports Jumbo Frames and is equipped with an optimised architecture guaranteeing the availability of hardware resources.


Optimized for imaging processes and other data intensive applications (Jumbo Frames up to 10 KB, High perfomance CPU and packet buffer of 4 Mbit)

Supports Full Gigabit on all ports in parallel without oversubscription
Designed for industrial temperature range
Slim design for usage in areas with limited space
Robust design for industrial environments




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