Helsinki Fair Center - November 5 - 7, 2019 - Hall 6, Booth D60

Teknologia 19

Visit HARTING in hall 6, booth D60 at Teknologia 19 the leading technology event. HARTING will be exhibiting a range of products and solutions suitable for the industry and automation markets. Come and find out how we can provide you with the perfect solution! 

Han® 1A

The Han® 1A is compact, robust and flexible in use with the ability to transmit data, signals and power with up to twelve contacts. Compared with the Han® 3A the Han® 1A uses up to 30% less space, whilst also providing a highly versatile modular system of inserts and accessories for indoor and outdoor applications.

Han® Configurator

Meet your application requirements more quickly when configuring interfaces with the new Han® Configurator. It takes only three inputs (contacts, voltage and current) and a handful of steps to generate the first possible solution. The configuration is displayed as a 3D model and you can download the entire documentation with a single click. All configurations can be saved, loaded and shared.

T1 Industrial

HARTING’s T1 industrial brings data and power on one pair of wires to previously unattainable locations, which makes SPE perfect for IIOT and Industry 4.0 applications. Our little giant Tw1ster doesn’t just feature its single-pair Ethernet transmission, it also has an industry standard IEC 63171-6 to its name.The T1 can be your solution in industry and automation! 


The Flexbox is a modular building block system for the configuration of housings that meets exactly your requirements. With HARTING’s Flexbox it is possible to sub-divide energy chains into flexible manageable and easily replaceable segments.


Discover the VarioBoot – compact, agile and cost optimised! No matter what the cable routing needs to look like in the end the VarioBoot goes with you in all directions, letting your application define the direction without interference or transmission loss. A short pull on the anti-kink sleeve and a click in the desired direction is all it takes for the line to search out another path.