All the information about the HANNOVER MESSE, from April 23–27, 2018, is included here.

HARTING teams up with partners to create added value for customers

Philip Harting, CEO of HARTING Technology Group

The HARTING Technology Group will be presenting itself at this year's HANNOVER MESSE (April 23 to 27, 2018, Hall 11/Stand C15) and showcasing numerous technological highlights. HARTING’s appearance will underscore partnership and cooperation, with the technology group guided by the lead theme of the world's largest industrial trade show: "Integrated Industry Connect & Collaborate". As a pioneer in Integrated Industry, HARTING is presenting innovative products and solutions – together with renowned partner companies...

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Han-Eco® B: Industrial standard in plastic

Han-Eco® B enables the rear mounting of pre-assembled inserts – from the interior – in bulkhead mounted housings on control cabinet walls

HARTING has taken a big step forward with the Han-Eco®: the connector range with high performance plastic housings is now fully compliant with the industry standard Han® B. All contact inserts and modules that fit into the standard metal housing now also fit into the corresponding plastic housing. Plastic and metal versions are both plug-compatible...

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Han® M23 Power-Hybrid: Connection for all lifelines with small footprint

Han® M23 connectors are ideal for harsh environments with high protection requirements

The Han® M23 series of connectors reliably transmits data, signals and power with a high degree of protection in a small amount of space. The latest product in the series, the Han® M23 Power-Hybrid, permits several types of transmission to be flexibly implemented in one connector. A total of 12 contacts are available to connect components to the lifelines of industry – 4 each for signals, power and data...

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Han® Configurator: Tailor-made interface design

The 3D model in the new Han® configurator provides users with the continuous overview they need regarding the status of component selection

HARTING has developed a Han® configurator for industrial connectors that enables designers to quickly obtain all decision-relevant data for an interface they need. Users need only enter three parameters – the number of contacts, required voltage, and current strength – in order to obtain a visual presentation of an initial potential solution. The solution can then be accepted or further refined. Equally adequate alternatives can be obtained with a just few mouse clicks...

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A cube for each port

Modular preLink® connection technology takes the new PCB socket straight to the circuit board within the device

preLink® PCB delivers preLink® Ethernet connection technology directly to the circuit board via the housing wall. To achieve this, HARTING is extending its preLink cabling system in spring 2018. In this context, the cabling system represents means a truly universal solution for IT, building automation and industry. The ideal solution for every scenario...

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Ever more compact, lighter and faster

M12 Magnetics: miniaturisation comes to the field. HARTING connection technology saves space for device construction

Miniaturisation is one of six trends marking the evolution of Integrated Industry and describing the benefit for the customer. Components and complete machines are contracting in all areas of industry and automation. Digitisation is also diversifying smart devices and de-centralised processing power out in the field...

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Collecting and analysing handling data along the supply chain

The CeMAT Logistics Trade Show is part of the HANNOVER TRADE SHOW which takes place from 23 to 27 April 2018

Jointly with partner companies PCO and nemetris, HARTING Technology Group will show at the CeMAT Logistics 4.0 Hub how handling, status and system data can be collected and analysed along the supply chain using a combination of edge computing and the latest RFID technology. The CeMAT Logistics Trade Show is part of HANNOVER MESSE, the world’s leading industrial trade show held from 23 to 27 April 2018 in Hannover...

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Condition monitoring with digital twin

At the Smart Factory HAII4YOU HARTING shows how condition monitoring with the digital twin works

Digitalisation, miniaturisation, modular production, identification of all production resources, integration of the shop floor in ERP systems, and highly customised production for custom-made solutions: these are the key industry trends. HARTING unites these in a smart factory that will be presented live at the HANNOVER MESSE (23 – 27 April, 2018) in Hall 11, C15 ...

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RFID Reader family now also with W-LAN, 3G/4G (LTE) and Bluetooth

HARTING's new Ha-VIS RF-R3x0 RFID reader family sets the bar higher in terms of robustness, flexibility and interoperability

Auto ID with UHF RFID and sensor data form the basis for enhanced automation technology. But how does the information get into the ERP or the Cloud? Easily, with RFID solutions from HARTING: via W-LAN, 3G/4G (LTE) and a Bluetooth interface. HARTING's new
Ha-VIS RF-R3x0 RFID reader family sets the bar higher in terms of flexibility and interoperability...

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MICA.network: Successful Industrie 4.0 applications through partnership

MICA.network partner companies showcasing their applications on the HARTING stand (hall 11/C15)

The HARTING Technology Group has been cooperating with systems integrators and IT specialists within the MICA.network user organisation since 2016, giving customers access to data-based efficiency improvements for their machinery. The network showcases solutions for machine data pooling and ERP applications based around the MICA® Edge Computing System on the HARTING stand (hall 11/C15) at this year‘s HANNOVER MESSE...

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Plug&Play Industrial IoT kit monitors machine conditions

Plug&Play IoT Kit for industrial applications with IP 54 protection. It allows machinery and plant of any kind to be digitally monitored, extremely quickly and using very few movements

Bosch and HARTING pool their expertise in the first Plug&Play IoT kit for industrial applications with IP 54 protection available on the market. It allows digital condition monitoring of any kind of machinery, extremely quickly and using very few movements...

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Power from the wind turbine to the charging station

Rinspeed's "Snap" vehicle uses super fast charging technology from HARTING

The products and intelligent solutions of HARTING make the technology group a partner and pioneer in electromobility and the energy transition. The subsidiary HARTING Automotive develops and makes charging cables and associated equipment for electro and plug-in hybrid vehicles for nearly all the relevant markets. HARTING sets great store by partnerships and works with almost every German car maker and some European OEMs. HARTING, innogy and Infotecs will be attending the HANNOVER MESSE to showcase their role as capable partners in an ecosystem for electric infrastructure...

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Secure data exchange between product and machine

Nokia will exhibit a full electronic production line in containers at the HANNOVER MESSE. Using a HARTING RFID RF-R300 reader and a LOCFIELD® antenna, data is exchanged secure bidirectionally between the product and the machine or the MES

Nokia is presenting an innovative product manufacturing process which makes the idea of Industry 4.0 a reality: its "factory in a box". The clue is in the name: the entire manufacturing process is modular, portable and accommodated in shipping containers...

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