har-flexicon® for surface mount soldering: significantly simplified manufacturing processes for lighting

HARTING is now offering white PCB terminals blocks and connectors in 2.54mm pitch in the har-flexicon® series for the connection of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), e.g. for street lighting, indoor and area lighting, LED displays and emergency lighting. Using har-flexicon® with surface mount soldering greatly simplifies the lights’ manufacturing processes.

har-flexicon® connectors for LEDs

White PCB terminals in flat design reduce disturbances caused by the formation of shadowing in the light fixtures. For har-flexicon®, white plastic granulate is used, which is characterised by high temperature resistance and long-lasting colour stability.

Modern high-performance LEDs are placed on printed circuit boards with a metallic core for optimal heat Dissipation.

Using har-flexicon® for surface mount soldering significantly simplified the lights’ manufacturing processes. The SMD-capable terminals offer cost advantages in the lights’ manufacturing process through the use of automated assembly and soldering processes.

Connecting the conductor in lighting fixtures was formerly often done using hand soldering. This proved to be unreliable and prone to error when using printed circuit boards with metal core due to strong heat dissipation. The push-in spring-cage termination technology used by the har-flexicon® increases ease of maintenance for the lights and ensures reliable reconnection capability. Eliminating manual soldering errors minimises potential sources of error when connecting the conductor.

The product family offers 2 and 3-pole terminals with a white housing colour for flexible and rigid conductors with cross-sections up to 0.75 mm². With a nominal current carrying capacity of 6A, the har-flexicon® offers users sufficient reserves when dimensioning lighting fixtures.

The har-flexicon® product family stands for fast and convenient single-core wiring of ever more compact devices used in measurement, control and regulation technology while taking into account cost-effective processing.

Specifically in support of the miniaturisation trend for electronic sub-assemblies, HARTING offers 1.27mm and 2.54mm pitch robust and reflow-solderable PCB terminals blocks and connectors with Push-in spring cage connection technology which can be directly processed as SMD components on the surface of the circuit board without through-contacting. Products are available for pluggable and fixed-wire connection in straight and angled designs with pole counts of 2-12.

For the conventional pitch steps 3.50mm to 15.00mm, HARTING is offering PCB terminals blocks and connectors with Push-in spring cage connection technology, and for the reflow soldering process for conductor cross-sections from 0.05 - 35 mm² and for currents up to 135A.