Successful Industry 4.0 applications through partnership

The HARTING Technology Group has been cooperating with systems integrators and IT specialists within the user organisation since 2016, giving customers access to data-based efficiency improvements for their machinery. The network showcases solutions for machine data pooling and ERP applications based around the MICA® Edge Computing System on the HARTING stand (hall 11/C15) at this year‘s HANNOVER MESSE. The “last mile” – access to process data from the shop floor – is often the biggest hurdle for Industry 4.0 concepts. Network partners can provide the right kind of solution expertise through cooperative projects.


Assystem uses a demonstrator to show how data science and machine learning can be used to identify new connections and optimise operating processes, thereby reducing production costs. Machines communicate with each other, accessing internal and external data. In doing this, Assystem is able to demonstrate its huge depth of experience in the field of M2M communication with OPC/UA. The Assystem solution is a flexible system that works independently of the manufacturer‘s automation technology and can be retro-fitted to existing plant.

Machine data for a transparent value creation chain

SDI Innovation introduces its new Bluebox.SDI software tool for the monitoring, visualisation and analysis of actual and target conditions for production equipment such as CNC processing tools, injection moulding machines and production lines. The tool features pre-built applications such as TPM, OEE calculations and trend analysis. When installed on a MICA®, Bluebox.SDI can be deployed in a production system quickly and easily in decentralised mode. Dashboards with display, entry and selection options also make the solution ideal for fitting to assembly plates.

The SIEVERS GROUP also presents an IoT solution HANNOVER MESSE that has been developed with HARTING. Users can use it to link machine data with other information throughout the production process. MICA® captures the operating data from individual machines and equipment. The SIEVERS GROUP combines this with ERP and business intelligence applications.

Processing digital and analogue sensor values in real time

“From sensor to cloud” is this year’s headline theme from akquinet. The Hamburg based company is on the HARTING stand, using transparent applications to demonstrate how digital retrofits can be carried out with MICA®, modern sensor technology and open source solutions. akquinet uses the new CISS sensor from Bosch, which records physical factors such as temperature, humidity, vibration and incline. This is offered as an Industrial IoT kit alongside MICA® from HARTING. With the addition of analysis and visualisation services from akquinet, machine operators can implement efficient, comprehensive condition monitoring across different machinery already in place.

Trade visitors can also explore another application - where MICA® converts analogue signals from an angle transmitter into digital condition monitoring. akquinet uses MICA® with an IO Gateway function circuit board from DWave for this. The Italian hardware specialist is one of the latest partners to join the DWave’s special function circuit board for modular hardware processes analogue and digital signals in real time.

HARTING also introduces a Modbus RTU based solution for monitoring wear in automobile production. The sensor unit provided by partner Forms Media records and monitors vibrations and three-dimensional movement in slowly rotating and moving objects. This solution can also be combined with the new MICA® Wireless. Sensor data can be transmitted via WLAN or mobile telephony for intralogistics applications, for example. HARTING also exhibits a MICA® version for IO link developed in collaboration with TEConcept

“Tapping” Industrial Ethernet communications

A HARTING collaboration with the German Research Center for Artifical Intelligence (DFKI) shows how accurately machine data can be logged with the example of a MICA® based PROFINET sniffer.

A HARTING collaboration with the German Research Center for Artifical Intelligence (DFKI) shows how accurately machine data can be logged with the example of a MICA® based PROFINET sniffer. Any automated industrial system with SPS and the Industrial Ethernet Standard PROFINET can be passively “tapped” with it. The existing process is not interfered with at all. By “tapping” the communications with MICA®, all exchanged data (e.g. sensor values and actuators) can be made available to Industry 4.0 applications via open standards such as MQTT and OPC UA.