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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems from HARTING identify metal containers, machines, tools, trains, concrete parts or other assets in highly demanding and harsh industrial environments.

In order to digitise processes, it is necessary to properly identify components, workpiece carriers and tools. The optimisation of throughput times in production, punctuality analyses in railway traffic and simply the classic identification of products: these tasks are increasingly being implemented with RFID.

The interplay of RFID chips with RFID tags

HARTING offers UHF RFID products which provide the same robustness and reliability that you are accustomed to in our connectors. Our portfolio includes special transponders (known as RFID tags) for transport applications, as well as on-metal transponders for container/tool identification and smart labels. Our readers (all with read and write functionality) and antennas are also designed to meet almost all industrial requirements; near range, gate applications and wide temperature ranges are familiar and present features for HARTING.

Using our products, you can implement group reading without line of sight, add readers onto forklifts, and, of course, write information to the transponders. Our hardware always functions according to the latest RFID standards. Products featuring WLAN, Bluetooth Low Energy and GSM are also available, so that your investment is ensured well into the future.

Ha-VIS RFID middleware

Not only is our hardware quite convincing – our Ha-VIS middleware helps you to connect these readers to your infrastructure. It enables you to manage several readers, manipulate the data strings, connect to a higher-level system (e.g. ERP system, database, etc.), control I/Os and much, much more. This software can run either directly on our readers (RF-R350), detached on our MICA® as a container, or as a virtual machine on your server infrastructure. If you are not confident about doing the integration yourself, we would be happy to enlist the help of our competent partners (from our MICA® network). They can help you with specific issues and integrate our hardware into your environment according to your wishes.

Often, your requirements are the same as our requirements concerning production or logistics, transparent processes, verification of operational data, reduction of costs, and improvements to operational reliability. This is because we also use RFID hardware to implement these goals in our supply chain managment.