We show you how to use technologies as the key for designing the future.

The HARTING Experts Camp

We show you how to use technologies as the key for designing the future.

The industrial sector is undergoing a transformation. For HARTING, this transformation means using its own key technologies and entering into targeted partnerships in order to bundle expertise; this create new solutions within the framework of our entire technology network. The ultimate goal is to develop solutions which, in larger contexts, help to design ecosystems.

We will show you these solutions! Visit the HARTING Experts Camp – our digital contact point for web-seminars, talks and presentations. Our experts will show you the highlights that are leading us into the future.

First, select your subject area:

3D-MID | Industrial Ethernet trends | Energy storage solutions​ | Control cabinet solutions​ | Digital services​​ | Digital solutions​​ | Smart connectivity​​ | Logistics solutions

Like a PCB - but 3D. Unlimited possibilities with 3D-MID technology

3D-MID (Mechatronic Integrated Device) offers the unique possibility of combining and integrating electronic and mechanical functions on a three-dimensional body. Miniaturization and freedom of design are increasingly being used in consumer electronics and the automotive & medical sector. Learn more about the technology and its possible applications in the webinar.

Industrial Ethernet trends

Industry 4.0 and the IoT are placing new requirements on industrial communications. With its wide range of application scenarios, Industrial Ethernet is perfectly suited for this purpose. It is considered the key to success in industrial digitisation.
We present trends, developments and solutions from the field of Industrial Ethernet in our web-seminars. Let yourself be inspired and discover opportunities for your company.

Energy storage solutions

Energy storage systems based on lithium-ion cells are a key component for achieving time-delayed, demand-oriented usage of wind and solar energy. In our web-seminar, we will demonstrate the advantages of the modular design of energy storage solutions. We will also show how error-free, safe plug-in connections can be established.

Control cabinet solutions

Producers of control cabinets would like to have more of three things: free space in the cabinet, time for planning, and efficiency during the installation. In this web-seminar, HARTING will present how innovative, pluggable cabling solutions can be used to wire and set up control cabinets much more efficiently.

Digital services

Industrial connectors are complex – but they can be easily configured online using the Han® Configurator. Our web-seminar will introduce the online tool and its new customisation functions. It allows cable inputs and labels on the connector housing to be individually specified. And the minimum batch size is one.

Digital solutions

HARTING's digital solutions all have something in common. They are all located where HARTING has its key expertise: in harsh industrial applications or in areas involving real-world challenging environmental conditions. We are always focused on connecting the field level of automation with the software solutions in the Cloud and Edge – thus reaching the next production level. Our RFID solutions, the digital twin and our Edge gateway are based on this interface.

Smart connectivity

In this web-seminar, you'll learn more about the HARTING's Han® Interlock connector technology: the connectivity approach for future DC infrastructure solutions. An IT-ready interface with actuator technology used for optimising the protection of facilities and personnel.

Logistics solutions

Reduce installation times and avoid sources of error with prefabricated cable assemblies. Experience the possibilities that HARTING offers you.

Clever UHF RFID solutions and process optimisation with HARTING MICA®. These help you to reduce throughput times, avoid errors and eliminate unnecessary down times.