Clever through the wall

For this project, HARTING combines the robust M12 interface with the clever preLink® connection technology. In the spring of 2018, HARTING expanded its preLink® cabling system with D- and x-coded M12 sockets for this project. The modular sockets can be used both as a free-flying cable coupling, but also as a robust wall bushing.

The preLink® termination block fits into various connectors and sockets

The special feature of the functional principle of the preLink® system is the unique separation of the previously fixed and inseparable connection of cable and connector into two separate units. Where previously crimp contacts or insulation displacement terminals could only be connected once, preLink is divided into two separable units.

The first unit is made up of connectors, sockets, couplings and PCB connections that have an identical mounting for the preLink® end block. This terminal block forms the second unit and the core of the system. It can accommodate up to eight stranded or solid conductors, which can be cut and contacted simultaneously in a single operation with the appropriate pliers. Absolutely process-safe and field-configurable. In this way, cables and connectors can be exchanged independently of each other or installed separately as required.

For the railway and industrial sectors, which require the highest demands in terms of robustness, HARTING has introduced the preLink® M12 connector in D- and X-coding, a connector that can withstand shock and vibration according to DIN EN 50155 rail standard and, in addition to Fast Ethernet, also enables Gigabit Ethernet.

New family members

The new preLink® M12 socket in X-coding

Up to now, the preLink® M12 connector as D-coded 4-pole and X-encoded 8-pole version was only available in the pin designs. The versatile system is now supplied with the corresponding M12 versions as a socket.

The plug and socket are locked using the usual M12 thread or alternatively with the new PushPull locking system, which makes it easier to plug and unplug the connections. The new preLink® M12 cable sockets can be used as flying couplings or as panel feed-throughs. They always provide an IP65/67 protected connection and offer two solutions in one component. As a result, preLink® connection technology is now also available for M12 in addition to the various RJ45 products.