Ha-Vis EtherRail 4x2xAWG24/7 CAT7 50m

Copper cable, (round), 4x 2x AWG 24/7, PE, Cable length: 50 m, Cat. 7, Class F up to 600 MHz
Category: Bulk cables, Specification: Not assembled, Type of cable: Copper cable (round), Cable length: 50 m, Number of cores: 8, Core structure: 4x 2x AWG 24/7, Limiting temperature: -40 ... +80 °C, Transmission characteristics: Cat. 7 Class F up to 600 MHz, Data rate: ‌ 10 Mbit/s, ‌ 100 Mbit/s, ‌ 1 Gbit/s, ‌ 2.5 Gbit/s, ‌ 5 Gbit/s, ‌ 10 Gbit/s, Material (cable): PE, Colour (cable): Black, RoHS: compliant, ELV status: compliant, China RoHS: e, REACH Annex XVII substances: No, REACH ANNEX XIV substances: No, REACH SVHC substances: No, Packaging size: 1, Net weight: 3,865 g, Country of origin: Switzerland, European customs tariff number: 85444993, [email protected]: 27061801 Data and communication cable (copper),
Ha-Vis EtherRail 4x2xAWG24/7 CAT7 50m