Visit us at Booth No. A-1, Hall 7 at  ELECRAMA, during 18th  – 22nd  Jan 2020 at the India Expo Mart , Greater Noida to learn more about our solutions for the Energy market.  


Explore some of the highlight products at HARTING booth.


                                       HARTING Han-Modular® Flexbox

Han-Modular® Flexbox Building Blocks for Easy to Handle Interfaces for Energy Chains

HARTING has succeeded in continuing the modularity inside the housing as well. Nearly all of the Han-Modular® portfolio - which features more than 100 modules for transmitting currents, signals and data, as well as compressed air and fibre-optic signals - can be used in the Flexbox. This results in almost endless combination of possibilities for implementing the right interface for an application. As a result, energy chains can be optimally adapted to the individual requirements of manufacturing systems. 

                                                 Single Pair Ethernet

Our little giant Tw1ster brings data and power on one pair of wires to previously unattainable locations, thus challenging existing bus systems. HARTING relies on an alliance of research, industry and standardisation for single pair Ethernet. As part of this alliance, international standardisation committees have completed a multi-stage selection process in favour of the HARTING Technology Group’s SPE mating face. This also ensures planning security for the designers of new devices or sensor/actuator technology, permitting them to actively commence the implementation of SPE in the respective device technology


                                            HARTING Customized solutions

Jumper Cables Customized Solutions

Complex, growing international markets are demanding more specific solutions. HARTING offers electrical interfaces and additional interfaces for power, signals and data that are tailored to your customised requirements. Our engineers develop customised solutions that meet your desired requirements precisely. These solutions are based on HARTING's existing connectivity expertise and supplemented with additional features and solutions.


        HARTING connects E-Mobility and the use of Renewable Energy                    

By using renewable energy, E-Mobility delivers maximum potential in saving CO2 and fine dust emissions. Reliability is the number one requirement for the production, distribution and use of energy. HARTING provides robust, reliable and user friendly solutions for the entire Well to Wheel supply chain. Our industrial connectors, Ethernet switches and charging plugs and sockets are numerously deployed in applications of energy production, in distribution networks and the charging interface for electric vehicles.


                                                       Han® 1A

With the Han® 1A , HARTING presents a new, small as well as powerful interface that clearly undercuts the dimensions of the smallest rectangular industrial connector so far, the Han® 3A.  The new member of the Han® family has a modular design and uses black plastic hoods and housings with differently coloured codings. The product developers have taken into account the customers’ needs for tight inventories: the number of modules or components has been kept as low as possible.


                     MICA (Modular Industry Computing Architecture)

The modular industry-standard mini-computer is a solution to a multitude of application challenges – thanks to its modular hardware and flexible open source Linux-based software. All in a robust enclosure specifically designed for industrial environments.


                               HARTING Hall Effect Current Sensors

Whether for transportation or industrial applications: the ability to quickly and accurately detect current is required in order to precisely control power electronics systems such as frequency converters, traction converters, UPS systems or welding systems. HARTING Hall-effect current sensors have been specifically designed to measure high currents in such environments. These sensors are available for rated currents from 200 to 2000 A, and with a measuring range of up to 4000 A.

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