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HARTING India Steps Up on IIoT In India : Prepare For The Industrial Revolution with HARTING.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connects machines, analytics, and people to create powerful insights with edge devices to drive smarter, faster, and better business decisions.

IIoT is made up of interconnected machines and edge devices that can monitor, collect, exchange, and analyze data. It is transforming the industry and changing the way the industry functions. By combining machine-to-machine communications with analytics, companies can reap the benefits of unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and performance.

HARTING offers two different ways to work with us in IIoT – we can provide the entire package as your trusted consultant or we give you the tools to develop the IIoT solution yourself, quickly and easily. HARTING has developed a series of edge computing IIoT Starter Kits named as MICA Starter Kits.

                     Impact of MICA and RFID on Equipment Efficiency

HARTING’s MICA provides a quick and easy solution for implementing digitization projects directly at facilities and machines. The modular industry-standard mini-computer is a solution to a multitude of application challenges – thanks to its modular hardware and flexible open source Linux-based software. All in a robust enclosure specifically designed for industrial environments.Identification, predictive maintenance management and permanent status

monitoring are just three of the many application scenarios where the MICA shows its full potential.

Through major advancements in technology, UHF RFID transponders (also called tags or chips) can be operated completely passively (without a battery) and are maintenance free with read ranges from 1 cm to over 15 m. HARTING drives those developments on all levels: from technology, packaging, up to bridging the gap between physical world and IT data.    

Ha-VIS RFID By the new initiative “Integrated Industry” (Industry 4.0), the next level of automation has already begun. The goal is to make information of physical objects like assets, products, tools, trains or vehicles available to PLCs or IT systems. Typical applications are production, asset tracking, or maintenance. There are different AutoID technologies like barcode, image recognition (OCR) or RFID. RFID is the only technique that allows to change information on object level.Different RFID technologies are available with different frequencies: LF (125 kHz), HF (13.56 MHz), NFC (in smart phones) and UHF. The most flexible technique concerning read ranges, high speed reading, and costs of transponder is UHF at a frequency of 865 -928 MHz.  

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