Products & Solutions

Cable assemblies

Wide selection of standardised and customised cable assemblies

Our delivery service of complete cable assemblies enables us to create added value for our customers. Once the particular requirements have been defined, we deliver a comprehensive solution with all the required coverage. Thus, for our customers, we are the one-stop-shop solution for all aspects of connectivity.

Glass fibre components


  • Working with glass fibre and POF
  • Polishing multiple fibres simultaneously
  • Integrated part of a hybrid cable
  • Various usages are possible

Encapsulation moulding

  • A solid solution for
    Han® cable assemblies
  • Compact solution for double cable assemblies
  • Tightly fixed cable routing
  • Also possible for small quantities

Data cable

  • Moulded cable assemblies for data applications
  • M12 and RJ45 connectors
  • PushPull cable
  • Modified cable entries

M23 servo, motor und signal/encoder cables

  • EMC compliant
  • Plug compatibility with Intercontec Speedtec
  • According to various manufacturers' standards
  • Encoder cables with different inserts: with 6, 7, 9, 12, 16, 17 or 19 poles
  • Motor cables with different inserts: 5+PE, 4+3+PE, 5+3+PE (A), 5+3+PE (B), 4+4+3+PE (B)

Bridging cables

  • Cable sets based on the customer's specifications
  • Complies with the special requirements of the railway sector
  • Long-term tests are possible
  • Mechanical construction and modified connectors
  • Customised packaging ensures safe shipping

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