Cutting-edge Data centers technology for installation, space and energy efficiency

Environmentally friendly and low-carbon concepts are essential for the construction and operation of data centres. They make it possible to continuously optimise the energy efficiency and emission reduction of IT equipment, cooling systems, power supply systems and the building itself.

Challenges data centers are facing regarding energy conservation and emission reduction

Robust construction demands, increasingly stringent local policies and challenges due to reduced supply will directly lead to the failure of new data centres to pass the performance evaluation for the next step of data centre construction.

The complexity of the customer's business brings more difficulties in choosing a technical framework and energy-saving solutions, leading to high data centre construction costs, investment due to sub-standard energy efficiency.

Low utilisation efficiency of external power resources will directly lead to low power yield and low out-of-box rate of the data centre. 

Power density of a single cabinet brought about by the computing power gains of IT equipment keeps increasing, directly leading to the difficulties of eliminating hot spots in the data centre and more risks of serious downtime.

HARTING | Much more than just connectors.


High-performance plastic connectors
Han-Eco® is a modular connector that carries almost no weight. It forms an ideal solution, when it comes to the optimisation of an interface’s weight and price.

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The market standard for modular connectors
With the Han-Modular® series, you can optimally design connectors to supply machinery and equipment. This is made possible by combining individual modules for different transmission media. Signals, data, power and compressed air - in standard-sized industrial connector housings. Han-Modular® offers easy-to-handle, highly flexible solutions with a small footprint and versatile functionality.

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Han-Modular® Docking frame

The Docking Frame is suitable for countless different arrangements of Han-Modular® modules, drawn from a product range of over 100 connector modules for the transmission of power, signal or data. Using these frames, drawer systems for battery storages can be build up quickly and easily.

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Han® ORV3

Open Compute Project (OCP) - Power connectors for ORV3 rack systems
The global demand for digitalisation infrastructure is growing rapidly. Businesses and consumers have increased their reliance on remote computing, apps, and the Internet of Things (IoT) at a remarkable speed. As a result, society has become much more dependent on tasks that require data centres, which form the backbone of everyday operations in all industries. It’s therefore essential that IT infrastructure for data centres is readily available, and any system failures are repaired quickly.

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Han® Push-In

Han® push-in connection technology

  • Up to 30 % less assembly time with direct insertion of the conductor into the contact chamber
  • Easy handling due to tool-less termination
  • Cost savings compared to alternative termination technologies
  • Maximal flexibility - as termination can be made for ferrules, stranded wires and solid conductors
  • Plug compatibility with identical products with other termination technologies
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HARTING customised solutions (HCS)

Growing and complex markets demand more specific components. With HARTING Customised Solutions we respond to this growing demand with individualised solutions that bring you forward. Based on this collected expertise we realise individual solutions, that also convince economically. Whether cable assembly or complex integrated systems: for each project we have one target - to offer a solution with real value.

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Han® 1A

The new standard for small, universal industrial connectors
Han® 1A: The compact, robust and economical connector for controllers, small drives and control cabinets.

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ix Industrial®

The HARTING ix Industrial® is our answer to the challenges that will be presented by Industry 4.0 and the IoT. Successful miniaturisation ensures the HARTING ix Industrial® will be a top performer in your application. The ix Industrial® interface demonstrates its capabilities in Industrial Ethernet (type A) as well as in signals and serial BUS systems (type B).

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Han-Protect Fused I/O Coupler

  • Modular fuse protection can be accessed on the outside of the panel, simplifying troubleshooting and reducing downtime. 
  • Fast field installation increases speed to market
  • Enables plug-and-play PLC cabinets eliminating labor for cabinet wiring.

**This product is currently in development and will be available later in 2023.  Engineering samples are available**

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Connector selection can improve energy efficiency by up to 50%

The worldwide data centre market is experiencing explosive growth year over year. The last few years especially have accelerated society’s reliance on tasks that require a data centre. With this growth in data centre usage, the amount of energy needed to support data centres is consistently increasing and comprises a significant share of the worldwide electricity demand. In parallel, decarbonisation and the future of energy are topics on everyone’s mind, including data centre operators, manufacturers, and suppliers. Therefore, it's essential we increase the energy efficiency of our current consumption.

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Metric Circular Connectors

HARTING has a comprehensive range of circular connectors in all common sizes and codings.
As one of the largest manufacturers of industrial connection technology, HARTING has a comprehensive portfolio of circular connectors in all common sizes and codings. The product range includes circular connectors, overmoulded cable assemblies as well as  PCB connectors and panel feed throughs that can be assembled on-site.

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Metric Circular Cordsets

System cabling
HARTING's system cabling meets the most diverse requirements from the industry, the wind sector and the railway market. In addition to a wide range of sensor actuator boxes, we also provide ready-made solutions for transmitting data, signal and power. Depending on your application, you can use connectors that can be assembled on-site as well as over-moulded variants with plastic or metal housings. In addition to standardised solutions, we also offer customised variants that are precisely tailored to meet your individual requirements.

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T1 Industrial for Single Pair Ethernet

T1 connectivity makes Ethernet easy and affordable – and it can be used from the cloud to the smallest sensor

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har-flex®: Miniaturized Board Connectivity

PCB connector HARTING har-flex®
Smaller, more powerful and more robust at the same time is the credo in all areas on the way to Industry 4.0. The miniaturized design and high variability of har-flex® PCB connector provide device manufacturers with a freely scalable connection technology that enables them to meet the demands of miniaturization. 

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M12 with Magnetics

M12 with transformer – miniaturisation in demanding environments
RJ45 sockets with integrated transformers have been around for a long time. However, there has never been a PCB connection with a transformer that provided IP65/67 protection. With our M12 Magnetics, HARTING is now the first and only manufacturer to offer this innovative product. HARTING keeps the key requirements of customers in the transportation and automation sectors in mind. The interfaces for Ethernet networks must be smaller yet also more robust.

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