Han® Configurator: New features simplify modifications

For the first time ever, users can now make customised adjustments to the housings of series-produced industrial interfaces by using the Han® Configurator, the HARTING online tool for designing connectors (at www.harting.com). Cable entries can be modified, letterings can be applied to hoods and housings.

Users can use the Han® Configurator’s new feature to design the position and number of cable entries in line with their own requirements. Even lettering applied to the housing surface can be “custom”. The Configurator ensures that interface design meets the respective technical requirements and that the components used are compatible with each other. 

As soon as the configuration is completed, a digital record of the solution worked out is ready for download, and CAD data and dimensional drawings for the individual part are directly accessible. The online tool thus helps accelerate design – both for the user and for HARTING. New connectors can be manufactured and delivered faster.

“The customising feature in the Han® Configurator means we’re once again expanding the scope for tailor-made products based on the Han® portfolio. Users can use the tool to customise connector components, which means they can find the optimal solution for their problem. The tool reduces the effort required to adapt to specific requirements – and shortens the path from the drawing board to production,” says Timo Poggemöller, Team Leader Digital Product Service at HARTING Electric.

Features/customer benefits:

  • Optimal solutions in combination with Han-Modular®;
  • short delivery times for interfaces thanks to fully-automated production of the individual connector configuration;
  • efficient collaboration via the myHARTING Dashboard with save/sharing capabilities;
The Han® Configurator lets users custom design cable entries on connector housings.