RailLog Korea

HARTING at RailLog Korea

HARTING at RailLog Korea

RailLog Korea is now ranked the world’s fourth largest railway, is Korea’s leading international trade fair for railway technology, infrastructure and logistics.

HARTING has been joining since 2009. For this year RailLog, HARTING will present our solutions for train intercar, rail platform, drivers cab and passenger information system.  High currents and voltages can be transmitted efficiently and, above all, safely.

In this year RailLog, we will show you for the first time our new high-performance Han® HPR HPTC connector series, which are designed to meet tough requirements and all relevant railway standards.

Product Highlights

Han® HPR HPTC: High performance transformer connectors

Transformer connections are exposed to environmental influences including mechanical impacts, water, oil, direct sunlight and ozone, all of which can negatively influence the lifetime of the connections. The new Han® HPR HPTC series was specially developed for railway transformer applications. The Han® HPR standard enables use in harsh environments. Shielding can be reached without shrinking and taping.

Inter-car jumper systems based on customer requirements

Inter-car jumper are designed for connections between train wagons as roof or underfloor systems. The jumper cables ensure reliable data, signal and power supply between the wagons.

har-modular®: Modules for power, signals and data – ideally combined

Device development in the industrial arena is advancing in ever shorter cycles. At the same time, devices are becoming more and more compact, presenting challenges for developers looking for the right solution for all the data, signals or power they need to transmit. Geared to facilitating the developers' work, HARTING is offering a solution with har-modular® that is opening up an entirely new scope of flexibility on PCBs.

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