Solutions for Data Centres

Simple and secure scalability of energy from the grid

An efficient and reliable infrastructure requires that the energy is optimally distributed. HARTING solutions can help to simplify and secure scalability from the grid.

The consistent implementation of the All Electric Society (AES) requires high current and voltage levels in the smallest of spaces. A corresponding grid infrastructure must be designed in such a way that the energy can be optimally connected, regulated and controlled.

High-quality materials ensure a longer lifetime

The advantages of plug & play solutions over hardwiring become evident when a data centre is connected to the transmission network: the installation time is reduced, for example, if at least parts of the transition from the 110 kV high-voltage network to the low-voltage area inside the data centre (400 V/230 V) are designed using cable assemblies with plug connectors.

Han® HPR Single Pole with 25 different coding options

The Han® HPR High Performance Transformer Connector (HPTC) series are ideal solutions for the transformer output. They enable a transmission up to 3.6 kV/1400A (AC/DC, housings are free of partial discharges) and ensure effective protection against the ingress of dust and moisture (up to IP69K) in outdoor areas. The components of the interface are designed to be so robust that power transmission between generators, converters and transformers, remains stable in the long term.

Han® HPR HPTC enables time savings due to easy installation and shielding without shrinking or taping

Pre-assembled cables to reduce installation times

Indoors, the Automatic Transformer Switch (ATS) ensures a safe power supply to the downstream devices in the data centre. You will hardly find a solution better than the Han® HPR Single Poles – 250A to 800 A – to connect the transformer to the devices on the lower voltage levels. With single poles, the cables can be pre-assembled before installation, which enables the power supply infrastructure for the data centre to be set up quickly. The housings are equipped with locking screws that prevent unintentional mating or disconnection.

Han® HPR Single Poles to connect the Automatic Transformer Switch (ATS)

On the live side, the single poles have a comprehensive contact protection to ensure that there is no risk of electric shock during a decoupling for example.

In general, crimp termination is ideal for consistent connection quality, because the processes are repeatable in the most precise way. With a transformer switch, this is particularly relevant on the cable side. Other connection types such as screw termination or cable lugs can also be used on the attachment side. Single poles are a better alternative for the automatic transfer switch (ATS) as hardwiring requires skilled labour for every intervention.

Single poles reduce the installation effort and increase flexibility, helping data centre operators to deal with the shortage of personnel and skilled workers.