Solutions for Agriculture

Precision farming for a sustainable, efficient and resilient agriculture

By electrifying processes, a noticeable increase in the efficiency of agricultural work can be achieved. The HARTING AEF HV interface paves the way for this sustainable approach.

Agriculture faces the challenge of improving its carbon footprint. Precision farming is one of the key strategies for optimising sustainability and environmental compatibility. Electrification enables the precise monitoring and control of agricultural processes, from sowing to irrigation and harvesting. They help to optimise the use of resources such as water and fertilisers, minimise environmental impact and maximise yields.

Precise control and monitoring of agricultural processes

Precision farming and the new technologies associated with it can make a significant contribution to improving sustainability and environmental compatibility in agriculture. Water, fertilisers and pesticides can be used precisely where they are needed. This minimises the overuse and waste of resources, which not only saves costs but also reduces the impact on the environment.

More targeted land cultivation and harvesting strategies protect the structure of the field and minimise soil erosion. Healthy soils bind more carbon, which has a positive effect on the CO2 balance.

Precision farming thanks to electrification, e. g. with autonomous farming solutions from AgXeed

Plug & Play high voltage interfaces for harsh environments

The HARTING AEF HV is the new interface to enable the electrification of tractors and machinery for agriculture. It paves the way for precision farming to optimise sustainability and environmental compatibility. The connector was designed according to the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) and the international standard ISO 23316-2.

The interface is suitable for use in harsh environments and offers a high degree of safety when connecting tools via plug & play thanks to finger-protecting contacts. The integrated break-away function ensures a safe connection in the event of a fault.

HARTING and its partners have been cooperating for several years in the field of precision farming. The AEF high-voltage interface supplied by HARTING makes a valuable contribution to electrification, for example as part of the "AgBot" robot series from the technology company AgXeed. Compared to agricultural machinery with hydraulic motors, this leads to increased efficiency and promotes sustainability.

The HARTING AEF HV enables the electrification of tractors and machinery for agriculture
The AgXeed AgBot 5 equipped with the HARTING AEF HV

What our customers say:

HARTING delivers standardised high voltage connectors, which are very well suited for the harsh operating conditions of our vehicles. The connectors are thoroughly engineered and have a very high-quality standard.

Eric Bongaerts
Manager Engineering, AgXeed