Productos y soluciones

Soluciones personalizadas

Partiendo de nuestra gama completa de conectividad HARTING, diseñamos conjuntos de cable personalizados que satisfacen sus requisitos y transforman bases de conectores normalizadas en soluciones hechas a la medida de su empresa.

About HARTING Customized Solutions

Growing and complex markets demand more specific components. With HARTING Customised Solutions we respond to this growing demand with individualized solutions that bring you forward. Based on these collected expertise we realize individual solutions, that also convince economically. Whether cable assembly or complex integrated systems: for each project we have one target - to offer a solution with real value.

Modified products

HARTING's standard components can be adapted for customized solutions. At your request, we customize HARTING standard components and transform standardized connector housings into customized solutions.

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Customized assemblies

Cables, cable assemblies, distribution boxes: Solutions for IT, building automation and industry
HARTING's cabling solutions are designed, tested and certified for the complete industrial environment. The IP protection, plug-in safety, robustness, vibration resistance and EMC safety can all play a significant role depending on your application environment. Reduced installation time and simplified logistics are often the key aspects of custom solutions. Our product range includes molded cables and pre-assembled cabling with plastic or metal hoods and housings ...

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Inter-car jumper solutions

The HARTING Technology Group accompanies you through technological transformations.
We design tailor-made solutions to fit your customized requirements for inter-car jumpers mounted between, under or on trains. Based on our wide range of connector products for power, data and signals, as well as the modularity of our Han® Modular interfaces, we can develop detachable and fixed solutions for all requirements.

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Multi-phase test connector

The multi-phase test connector can be used to carry out quick, error-free tests on supply cables for three-phase motors.The multi-phase test connector is designed for use in harsh industrial environments and fits into any toolbox. It is easy to handle and can be used without an external power supply or accessories.

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Fiber-optic rotary joints

Connection with glass-fiber instead of copper:
Fiber-optic rotary joints from HARTING – an innovative solution for transmitting broadband data from a rotating system to a static system.

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