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Descripción general de la antena RFID

La cartera de antenas de HARTING abarca todos los rangos de transmisión y aplicaciones, incluyendo antenas para requisitos especiales como, por ejemplo, entornos a alta temperatura. Obtenga más información sobre nuestras antenas


The antennas in this series meet the highest application requirements in the intended areas of high temperatures, harsh industrial environments and even rail applications. All antennas have a robust design and have an aperture angle of up to 70°. When HARTING UHF RFID readers are combined with passive UHF transponders, reading ranges of between 1 and 12 meters are achievable.

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The RF-ANT-MR20 mid-range antenna is suitable for industrial use in near-field and far-field applications. Reading ranges of up to 2 m are achieved with an aperture angle of 100° and an antenna gain of 2.5 dBic. The antenna is tested according to protection class IP67 and can therefore be installed in demanding environments or outdoors.

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RF-ANT-LR10 low-range antennas have been optimized for the shortest possible reading distances and are therefore ideally suited to selective operations where the unwanted reading of additional transponders should or must be prevented. Protection class IP67 ensures that the antennas can also be used in industrial environments.

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The antenna that adapts to your requirements. Unlike conventional patch antennas, here the coaxial cable itself becomes the antenna. This makes it easy to create ideal reading zones for individual needs. The reading range can vary between a few centimetres and 2 meters, depending on the RFID reader and its power output.

The LOCFIELD® antenna is suitable for applications in the following areas: tool detection in machines, door openings or pass-throughs, wireless sensor networks, Smart shelf, Smart work bench

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