Single Pair Ethernet focus day - enable IIoT

Get on board: Look behind Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), it's opportunities and abilities and unleash it's potential for smart business applications


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Yes, Single Pair Ethernet is the groundbreaking technology, that enables the infrastructure fot IIoT and makes it smart. But what's behind it? In two inspiring sessions we will educate you why Single Pair Ethernet is so important to build up seamless connections between sensors and IIoT platform. And we take a look at the entire SPE ecosystem. Be excited!

Session 1 - 60 minutes

Spotlight on Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is the groundbreaking communication technology for the establishment of IIoT. SPE transmits data barrier-free from the field level to the cloud. With only one pair of wires, Single Pair Ethernet transmits data securely and fast at speeds of up to 1 GBit/s with ranges of up to 1000 meters. Unleash the numerous abilities and opportunities of SPE. We present examples solutions, introduce the SPE ecosystem and show which industry standards are important.

We will talk about

  • why SPE is perfect for IIOT and Industry 4.0.
  • the advantages SPE offers for industrial applications.
  • which new industry standards will be important.
  • the entire SPE ecosystem to show which individual components are necessary to integrate SPE into equipment and cabling.


Matthias Fritsche

Sr. Specialist Ethernet, HARTING Electronics GmbH

As a member of various committees, the author actively promotes standards for users. He has been involved with the topic of SPE for several years and sees the technology as the infrastructure for IIoT.

Marian Duemke

Global Product Manager
HARTING Electronics GmbH

"Predictive maintenance will only succeed as a comprehensive IIoT application with SPE".

Session 2 - 60 minutes

Seamless communication between field level and (I)IoT platform

Against the backdrop of digitization, there is an increased need for lossless, efficient communication flow of data and signals between field-level and – often cloud-based – IoT-platforms. The periCORE embeddable module allows OEMs of sensors and actuators to upgrade their analogue products for use with (I)IoT use cases and thereby adjust their market positioning to the new digital realities. This web-seminar presents the exciting new possibilities that are offered in this context.


Dr. Karsten Walther

Head of Development, Perinet GmbH

Karsten Walther is a specialist in the integral development of compact electronic systems, the efficient use of hardware and IP-based communication protocols. With the HARTING MICA he won the Hermes Award at the Hannover Messe in 2016, and now he is expanding the edge of IoT networks with Perinet.


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