Werken bij HARTING

People, Power, Partnership

HARTING biedt u uitstekende carrièremogelijkheden in binnen- en buitenland. Werken voor HARTING betekent werken aan een mooie toekomst. Als solide werkgever hebben we wereldwijd een consistent personeelsbeleid. Dit komt onder anderen naar voren in de claim 'People Power Partnership'.

Onze doelstellingen

  • het klantvoordeel vergroten door technologische vooruitgang;
  • ons richten op groeimarkten;
  • efficiënte en duurzame processen ontwerpen en beheren;
  • handelen overeenkomstig onze gedragsregels;
  • een onafhankelijk familiebedrijf blijven.


Our employees are the cornerstone of our success. This conviction is the basis on which de Harting family and the management make their decisions. They create an innovative environment in which employees can develop and grow. HARTING offers high-quality training, comprehensive refresher courses, individual career planning, flexible working time models and performance-based compensation.


HARTING gets power out of the development of innovative, high-quality products that prove their worth at the high end of the market. To keep up the development, manufacture and distribution of high-quality products, we are in need of dedicated, qualified employees with great commitment. We will encourage and stimulate these employees in a way that matches their skills.


The family business focuses on cooperation with clients, business partners, suppliers and sometimes even competitors. We can do so because we are financially independent. We can offer our employees a high level of planning security. We keep growing in international markets. We are at home in many places across the world and demonstrate social commitment in the countries in which we operate.


Ilse Stasse

HR Business Partner

Phone: +31 (0)73 648 25 89

[email protected]