Nasze produkty i rozwiązania w skrócie

Connectivity & smart Connectivity

Our core competence:

Connecting and networking for industrial, logistics and information technology.

  • Device Connectivity
    Complete connector and installation concepts for industrial infrastructures

  • Installation Technology
    Always setting new standards with our connectors, such as the Han® series

  • Smart Connectivity
    Connectors and devices as cyber-physical systems for connecting the facility to the cloud

Industrie-Computer und RFID

With our MICA platform and MICA-based solution packages, we provide simple and efficient tools and solutions for digital retrofitting – from asset management to condition monitoring. The focus is on RFID solutions and energy data acquisition for predictive maintenance.

Kundenindividuelle Lösungen

HARTING Customised Solutions (HCS) delivers customized solutions through ready-to-use assemblies, modifications and new developments that are fast, versatile and global. The HARTING product portfolio is the foundation.

3D-MID Lösungen

The miniaturization expertise at HARTING  AG - 3D-MID has helped to make space-saving injection-molded circuit carriers an indispensable part of medical technology and automobile manufacture.

Ladestruktur und Anschlusstechnik

With our complete line of charging components and global connection technology, we are your partner for e-mobility.

Whether charging equipment or electro-magnetic systems – we develop and produce customized components for the automotive and industrial sectors.

Sondermaschinen und Spritzgussformen

Ob anspruchsvolle Spritzgussformen oder Sondermaschinen – von unserer Erfahrung im Maschinenbau profitieren nicht nur unsere Kunden, sondern auch unser gesamtes Unternehmen.

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We have expertise and decades of experience in developing and producing retail checkout zones.

So that customers of our customers don't waste their time waiting in line.

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Mit Distributionszentren in Europa, Asien und Amerika wickelt HARTING Logistics den Versand im Rahmen internationaler Door-to-door-Lieferungen ab – bei Bedarf sogar kundenindividuell konfektioniert. Eine zertifizierte, sichere Lieferkette, Order-Tracking und 24/7 Customer Care gehören zum Rundum-Service dazu.

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