Han® F+B hybrid system cabling

The perfect connection for the food and beverage industry.

With the Han® F+B, HARTING supplies a range of connectors that are specially designed for the requirements of the food and beverage industry as well as the packaging industry. Its smooth surfaces make it more difficult for bacteria to accumulate. The housing, seals and cables are robust; they protect the internal elements from water jets and aggressive cleaning agents. The cables must also be resistant to heat, chemicals and other physical loads so that reliable operations are ensured.

The perfect fit for an environment with high standards

The Han® F+B hybrid system cabling is the perfect fit for environments with strict hygienic requirements and where quick cleaning cycles and fast facility installations are needed.

The pre-assembled system cabling, which arrives at the customer as an already fully tested assembly, can ideally be connected simply as a plug & play solution. It simplifies, saves time and prevents errors during installation. This also enables costs to be reduced and downtimes to be minimised.

All three industrial lifelines (data, signal and power) can be routed in one cable; this so-called single-cable system ensures that interfaces are minimised. The control range enables up to 10A and 250V. In the high-power range, a current carrying capacity of up to 20A and a voltage of up to 400V is possible. In addition, the fieldbus integration (Cat.5e) enables transmission rates of up to 100 Mbit/s. Protection class IP69 is achieved when plugged in. Another feature of the F+B hybrid cable is its Ecolab® approval, which testifies to its resistance against highly aggressive cleaning agents. Han® F+B hybrid system cabling ensures outstanding safety – all assemblies are 100% checked in order to guarantee HARTING's high quality standards.

A connection assured of future success

With the Han® F+B hybrid system cable, our customers are well equipped for the future, for example, when it comes to condition-based maintenance. That is because it is important to transfer the sensor data from the periphery to the controller and then further to the cloud, so that maximum efficiency can be achieved.

Pre-assembled Han® F+B hybrid system cabling
Han® F+B hybrid system cabling in the eCatalogue