3D-MID Solutions

In this web seminar we offer an introduction to the 3D-MID technology and give an insight into the versatile applications of the technology.

Like a PCB – but 3D. Unlimited possibilities with 3D-MID technology

From sensors in cars to miniaturized circuit carriers in medical technology to LED applications in industrial electronics.
- Where do we come across MID every day?
- Where can 3D-MID technology replace a circuit board?
- Can standard products be customized?
- How does HARTING use the advantages of the technology for its own products? 

These and other questions await you in our web seminar.

3D-MID technology stands for miniaturisation and functional integration in electronic products. Due to the three-dimensional design freedom, the technology offers a better and more compact design of electronic and mechanical functions in the available space.

With MID technology, HARTING offers unique solutions, suitable for your target markets. The customer-specific projects are accompanied in-house from development to the finished product. Every single process step for the production of MID parts, is united under one roof.