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Han® F+B - Hygienic and robust

The interface for the food and beverage industry.

About Han® F+B

Han® F+B - Hygienic and robust

With Han® F+B, HARTING has created a range of connectors that are specially designed for the requirements of the food industry. Smooth surfaces make it harder for bacteria to accumulate. The hoods, housings and seals are robust and protect the internal contacts against hose water and aggressive cleaning agents, which are certified by Ecolab and have FDA 21 approvals. The water jet from high-pressure cleaners cannot penetrate the hoods/housings when closed.

White Paper: The use of connectors in the food industry
HARTING Han® F+B - The interface for the food industry

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Easy-to-clean design especially for the spray zone
  • Reliable connections ensured, even with daily cleaning
  • Protection against water jets and aggressive cleaning agents
  • Reduced downtimes and outages
  • Quicker replacement of defective components and efficient configuration when changing products
  • Simple and quick installation of machines and facilities

Configurator for industrial connectors

Need to find the right modular interfaces for your machine construction quickly and reliably without the drawn-out process of considering the connector details and all the many combination options? The Han® Configurator will quickly put all the necessary information and data relevant to your decision making at your fingertips.


Range & Key Features

Hygienic and robust

Hygiene and safety are particularly important in food processing. Machines and equipment must be designed so that they are easy to clean; dirt pockets must be avoided. The right connectors help the equipment to meet these requirements. The junctions, surfaces, threads and seals of the Han® F+B special connectors were therefore designed in a way that prevents dirt particles from sticking to them and therefore makes it harder for bacteria to accumulate.

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Reducing machine downtimes

During a machine disruption, operators and/or service teams are generally under high pressure. The supply connections to the equipment should be easy to handle in these situations particularly. Users can keep machine disruptions to a minimum with Han® F+B. For example, you do not need to open any cable glands on the electrical cabinet to uncouple field devices. Complicated removal and reinstallation of fixed wiring is not required. Connectors make the installation of equipment quicker, and shortens tool changes and service tasks.

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Constantly in the product and spray zone

The product zone is the zone with direct contact with food and makes the highest demands on machines and components. This area is often kept small to reduce the cleaning effort. Because electromechanical interfaces would interrupt the smooth surfaces, they are mounted outside this zone where possible.

Food in the spray zone can come into contact with the surrounding components. Processing material, which has come into contact, must not re-enter the product stream. Despite all efforts, residues can get stuck on the components, enabling bacteria to accumulate. Therefore, after batches are processed, this zone must be cleaned at high pressure with chemicals. Connectors are practical here, but must be able to withstand the pressure of the cleaner.

The design of the Han® F+B hoods and housings has been adapted to the requirements of this zone. The hood/housing has large nooks and surfaces in accordance with the guideline of European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG). Hoods, housings and seals protect the connections to IP69K. Gaps that are indispensable to the connector function are specially sealed.

The cable glands available include variants made of white plastic in combination with blue sealing rings as well as V2A steel screws and threads. Both variants achieve the highest degree of protection against the penetration of dust and water.

Connectors are prominently equipped with blue surfaces so that they can be easily identified in Han® F+B equipment. The space in the HARTING hoods and housings is sufficient for special inserts with up to nine contacts that can transmit signals or supply consumers with  24 V, for example. The maximum power is 16 A/500 V. An adapter can be used to integrate different Han® 3A size inserts. The product range includes RJ45 interfaces, signal insets with max. 21 poles as well as power contacts for currents up to 40 A. HARTING PreLink connectors also fit. Crimp, screwing and QuickLock contacts are available as a termination technique.

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Connectors for the food industry

Hygiene and safety are particularly important in food processing. Machines and equipment must be designed so that they are easy to clean; dirt pockets must be avoided. With the Han® F+B, HARTING is delivering a series of connectors that have been specially designed for food industry requirements. Smooth surfaces make it more difficult for bacteria to accumulate.

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What our customers say:

Standardization on the lower part of the machine has now taken place. We can easily change inserts without having to redesign the whole metal work, if one of our customers wants to change an option. Further we approached HARTING with the request for a brand new in-line cable to cable connection. This opens options for some variations of machines. The Han®  F+B connector allows secure IP69K connections for extensions or the elimination of junction boxes down a production line.

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Steve Woodhead
Electrical Engineer, Packaging Automation Ltd.