Han® S: The single pole front mounting connector especially developed for Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

The energy storage market has developed extremely quickly over the last few years. Global discussions around environmental footprints have certainly given overall developments an additional boost. Sustainable use of renewable energies can only be achieved through energy storage systems, as they enable time-delayed, demand-oriented use of the power produced by renewable energy. Connectors speed up the mounting of energy storage systems based on battery units.

With the Han® S, the HARTING Han® portfolio now offers for the first time a connector solution for the front mounting of energy storage modules. This is the preferred solution for cost-optimised cabling on the market. The new connector series gives users optimum security, as the design meets all technical requirements and the latest UL 4128 standards for stationary energy storage systems. This means that the new Han® S connectors meet the highest standards demanded by the market.

HARTING Han® S - Secure plug-in connections for modular battery storage

The new single pole connector can work with rated currents up to 200 A at a voltage of 1500 V, while assuring safe installations over finger protected contacts with different termination types (M8 bolt or busbar) and visible control of the locking status. Moreover, the product is vibration proof and available in two different colours, red (+) and black (-). It also incorporates a mechanical coding system that makes misconnections of polarity impossible. This makes the new connector an optimum solution when dealing with high volumes of battery modules as users can rely on safety at a high production rate.

With the new Han® S, HARTING now offers a high-quality front mounting connection in energy storage systems in addition to the well-established blind mating solution in the rear of the racks. In both cases, the connectors can be delivered already assembled with the cables, according to the customer’s specifications.