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Inter-car jumper solutions based on customer requirements / specifications.

The HARTING Technology Group accompanies you through technological transformations.
We design tailor-made solutions to fit your customised requirements for inter-car jumpers mounted between, under or on trains. Based on our wide range of connector products for power, data and signals, as well as the modularity of our Han® Modular interfaces, we can develop detachable and fixed solutions for all requirements.

Under the car floor
Vehicle roof

Our performance & Your benefits:

An overview of select solutions:

Customised panel feed throughs

  • Support plates for attaching cables
  • Connections for Han® HPR hoods/housings with screw locking
  • Robust design, torsion-free frame
  • Optimal use of space
  • Terminations have been lowered to reduce the height
  • Less time required for the installation
  • Less weight
  • Higher termination density, with up to 8 modules per connector
  • Customised development
  • Suitable for retrofit solutions

Customised pluggable transmission of power

  • Many installation options due to separate assembly panels
  • Robust design, space-saving
  • Parallel routing for cables
  • Suitable strain relief for cables
  • Transmission of control signals, data and power
  • External PE termination on hoods and surface mounted housings
  • Separate hood makes installation easy
  • External cables can be inserted or removed
  • Excellent EMC resistance

Customised connecting hood

  • Robust design, space-saving
  • Customised solution
  • Retrofitting options available
  • Suitable for retrofit solutions
  • Welding production is possible, according to EN 15085-2
  • Data transmission for bus systems
  • Transmission of control signals and power
  • Housing modification
  • Can be installed in protective hose, with hybrid cable and with power cable

Our innovative components, consultants, services and systems help us to guide our customers into the digital future. From customer inquiries to series deliveries, we offer this as a complete project management service.

Your partner for inter-car jumper solutions

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