HARTING Customised Solutions - Northampton

HARTING Customised Solutions (HCS) - bringing together market leading connectors with expert local and global production facilities, to develop the best solutions for you. We have a wide range of capabilities and a team of in-house CAD Engineers to help design your solution.

We can carry any combination including: power; control; signal; data embedded processor I/O; Ethernet communications; and Data Pulses. And with IP rated performance, you can ensure the highest quality. 

What we do in Northampton

Set Packaging

  • Set based on customer combinations
  • Including non-standard components
  • One part number to handle, also customer specific part number
  • Specific mounting instructions

Modified Connectors

  • Extensions on cable entries
  • Large cable diameters possible
  • Han-Quintax

Modified hoods and housings

  • Standard components, modified to customised solutions
  • Additional holes for multiple cable entries
  • Printed information
  • Special colours
  • Customised brackets for shielding and grounding

Fibre optic assemblies

  • Fibre glass and POF handling
  • Polishing multiple fibres simultaneously
  • Integrated part hybrid cables
  • Various applications
  • Expanded beam cable assemblies
  • PushPull xc SFP cable assemblies
  • PushPull cable assemblies
  • Fibre optic and copper hybrid cable assemblies
  • Fibre optic cable assemblies

Data cables

  • Overmoulded cable assemblies for data applications
  • M12 and RJ45 connectors
  • PushPull cables
  • Modified cable entries

M23 servo motor and feedback cables

  • Different power inserts: 6, 8 or 9 pole hybrid, 30 A, 690 V AC
  • Different data inserts: 12, 17 or 19 poles
  • Different encoder connections: D-Sub, RJ45, M12 or M8

Jumper cables

  • Cable sets based on customer requirements
  • Complying with railway specifications
  • Endurance testing possible
  • Mechanical constructions and modified connectors
  • Customised box for transportation

Power connections

  • Enlargement for standard hood
  • Entry for power cable
  • Offers space inside connector hood for connection of single wires

PCB connectivity

  • Power and signal on PCB
  • Boxes with integrated PCB's

Box Build

  • Designing and manufacturing services of box builds along with electrical assembling
  • Custom built to the customer's requirements
  • Bulkhead mounting
  • Bulkheads with tails
  • Panel wiring
  • Support from dedicated project manager and CAD engineer

HCS Northampton Facilities

The HARTING Customised Solutions facilities provide added value direct from the purpose built facilities both in Northampton as well as on a global scale. Capabilities for pull testing, AC/DC testing, and bespoke test reporting when required. The facilities meet several certifications including IRIS, ISO9001 and ISO14001. HARTING are able to service a wide range of sectors, including energy, automation and machinery, and many more.

HARTING UK - Northampton Office building and Warehouse

Crimping Technology

Crimping technology is available in crimp sizes from 0.14mm to 240mm. HARTING use an automated processing of wire AWG28 to AWG29 and automated strip and crimp process which ensure repeatability. There is an automated quality assurance call for batch processing and 100% quality assurance on all assembled products.

Fibre Optic Processing

In order to achieve the maximum possible transfer of data, polished Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) is used. HARTING test the quality by sending light at a specific wavelength down the fibre and measure the result. 200x inspection of all processed end faces.


Our team are globally recognised IPC 610/620 Class 3 workmanship standard, all trained by our on-site IPC J-STD specialists to ensure staff have the knowledge to deliver a consistent and repeatable quality product.

Meet the HCS Management Team

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Stuart Fisher
Director of Operations
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NPI Manager
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Alex Howe
Production Manager
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David Drummond
Quality and Purchasing Manager