Han-Eco® B

Efficient pre-assembly of cable harnesses saves time and money

The new connectors of the Han-Eco® B series provide valuable time advantages. Han® ES Press rapid termination can intensify the positive effects significantly.

Until only recently, the application of connectors in switch cabinets required substantial effort that could not be avoided. Pre-assembled cable harnesses and connector parts must be inserted from the inside of the switch cabinet into a bulkhead mounted housing attached to the inner wall of the cabinet. This can be a rather complex challenge.

But no more: The new connectors of the Han-Eco® B series provide valuable time advantages for equipment using the Han® B industry standard. For installation, both ends of the cable harnesses can be rear-mounted from the inside of the switch cabinet into the bulkhead-mounted housing.

The rear mounting option considerably simplifies the assembly of cabinets and therefore saves time and money. The switch cabinet units and the cable harnesses can be pre-assembled separately. This allows for the work to be divided up in a more optimal way; processes can even be outsourced, if necessary in order to facilitate even more efficiency and therefore increase productivity.

Rear mounting - from inside of the cabinet - with Han-Eco® B (start animation via clicking)

Combinations with Han-Modular®

In addition to monoblocs for Han®B, the Han-Modular® range can also be used in a plug-compatible fashion in the new Han-Eco®. The hinged frame allows the modules to be integrated into the plastic hood or housing. As a result, this considerably increases the application possibilities for plastic housings in manufacturing.

Additional time savings with Han® ES Press rapid termination

Metal and plastic versions are intermateable

Further advantages result from the plug-compatibility of the Han-Eco® B with standard metal Han® B housings. Thus, combining plastic and metal hoods and housings does not imply any time-loss when it comes to system conversion. Parallel use is also possible, since both variants can be integrated homogenously into your production equipment. This makes it easier to respond with a flexible solution to customer demands. You can also continue to use existing testing facilities, since they fit both material versions; there is no need for changes or additional effort.

Han-Eco® B: Possibility of rear mounting
Han-Eco® B: Plastic hoods/housings for Han® B monoblocks
Han-Eco® B: Metal and plastic versions are intermateable

What our customers say:

Thanks to its easy assembly handling, the lightweight Han-Eco® product family saves us installation time. Furthermore, it simplifies the connectivity of our systems. We can design individual and compact solutions by choosing from a wide range of data, signal and power modules. Thanks to the Han-Eco® connectors, locomotives are more reliable and have lower maintenance and service costs.

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Martin Štajgr
Head of Development, ČMŽO-Elektronika

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